Based on industry jobs data welders are in high demand and there is a shortage of qualified welders. BHC’s welding programs are designed to meet these demands.

Welding Programs

Start your welding career at Black Hawk College

We have both credit and non-credit programs which prepare students for careers in welding. Our Trade and Technical Programs are college-credit programs, while the Business Training Center offers short-term, non-credit training. Not sure what works for you? Contact us for more information.

Short-Term Welding Programs

  • Certificates in MIG or Stick/TIG welding (non-credit)
  • Short term training (six-week class)
  • 140 hours (40 classroom, 100 weld lab)
  • Program does not qualify for financial aid.
  • Classes are at the Industrial Training Lab Extension Center (ITLEC) in Moline.
  • Offered by the Black Hawk College Business Training Center.
  • Registration: Call 309-796-5718 or visit the BHC Business Training Center in Building 1 at the Quad-Cities Campus in Moline.
  • Since 2004, this welding program has trained more than 1,500 people. We have been recognized by industry/local manufactures as having one of the best welding programs in a 50-100 mile radius. Employers have come to our welding graduations looking to hire our students. 98% completion rate and a 98% satisfaction rate.

College-Credit Welding Programs

  • Certificates in Gas Metal Arc Welding or Shielded Metal Arc Welding
  • One-semester or two-semester programs
  • Two locations: East Moline and Kewanee
  • Programs qualify for financial aid.
  • Registration: Submit contact form or apply to get started.
  • Dual credit high school courses offered throughout the district.

Welding Facilities

  • BHC Industrial Training Lab Extension Center (ITLEC) – Moline
  • BHC Welding & Skilled Trades Center (WSTC) – Kewanee
  • United Township High School (UTHS) – East Moline


“The welding course made learning fun and you can tell that the instructors enjoy what they do. I gained a lot of hands-on and classroom knowledge that I needed to know for my trade. I would take the class again just for fun! You can beat the price OR the confidence and experience that the BHC–BTC offers over more expensive programs.”

– Xavier Rodriguez

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