Shielded Metal Arc Welding Certificate

Program Description

Students completing the proposed Shielded Metal Arc Welding certificate will understand shop equipment and safety and be able to weld tee-joints, lap joints, butt joints, and outside corners to given specifications. Students will weld in the flat, vertical, and overhead position and be introduced to gas and bronze welding and cutting. In addition, students will weld using various electrode grades and pass a v-groove test. Students will also learn basic mathematical skills as applied to the field of mechanics and the measuring techniques required for machine operations in industry.

NOTE: This program is not financial aid eligible.

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Suggested Courses

Course (Credit Hours):

WLD 101 Intro to Arc Welding (.5)
WLD 102 Basic Arc Welding Flat Position (.5)
WLD 103 Arc Welding Flat & Horizontal Posit (2)
WLD 105 Oxy-acetylene Welding & Cutting (2)
WLD 109 Blueprint Reading for Welders (1)
WLD 110 Weld Testing and Preparation (.5)
WLD 117 Arc Welding in Vertical Position (2)
WLD 118 Arc Welding in Overhead Position (1)
MT 114 Basic Precision Measurement 1
TMAT 101 Technical Mathematics 1.5
WLD 210 Professional Seminar 0.5

Minimum total hours required for degree: 13