Cost is $25 per semester. A parking permit is required for ALL parking lots at both campuses. Summers and minimesters are free. To purchase a parking permit, visit the BHC Police Department at either campus, the Bursar’s Office at the Quad-Cities Campus, or Enrollment Services at the East Campus.

Students using financial aid to pay for their parking permit can obtain a voucher at the Hawk’s Hub or the East Campus Bookstore.

Guests can request a temporary parking permit from the BHC Police Department. Guests may also park for short periods of time in designated “Visitors Parking.”

Student parking is marked with white stall lines.

Fine payments can be paid at the Police Department or the Bursar’s Office on either campus. Parking fine payments can also be placed in the red payment boxes posted around campus.

BHC Police Department locations:

  • Quad-Cities Campus: Building 3, Room 315
  • East Campus: Building 1, Room 100

Parking for Persons with Disabilities 

Disability parking on all BHC properties is strictly enforced.

BHC exceeds the state requirement for the minimum number of disability parking spaces that must be provided on our property. Our parking spaces meet state code with regards to markings and signage.

BHC is a public institution and therefore adheres to the same traffic laws as any municipality or county in the State of Illinois. Illinois traffic laws regulate disability parking.