Catalog, Academic Calendar and Student Handbook

The Black Hawk College Catalog includes detailed information on our transfer and career programs, policies and procedures. The Catalog Supplement contains new programs and changes to course descriptions that have been made since the Catalog was originally published.

Previous Catalogs

Catalog 2017-2018 | Catalog 2016-2017 | Catalog 2015-2016 | Catalog 2014-2015 | Catalog 2013-2014 | Catalog 2012-2013 | Catalog 2011-2012 | Catalog 2010-2011 | Catalog 2009-2010 | Catalog 2008-2009 | Catalog 2007-2008 | Catalog 2006-2007

Student Handbook

You may download the Student Handbook as a PDF document here: Student Handbook 2018-2019

You may click on the image of the handbook below and flip through the pages online.

Cover of student handbook with text and images of college