Program Description

The General Educational Development (GED®) classes prepare students to take the tests required to earn the GED® high school equivalency certificate. Preparation classes are offered in English.

Enrollment qualifications

  • Students must reside in the Black Hawk College District.
  • Students must be at least 17 years of age or older and not enrolled in a K-12 school district. Sixteen-year-old students may enroll only with parental and K-12 school district permission.
  • Youth GED® classes (HS Credit/Youth GED®) are designed for students ages 16-18. If you are unsure of which class section to attend, visit the Optional Education Youth GED® page or inquire at the time of registration

Cost of classes
Qualifying students attend the Black Hawk College preparation classes without cost. However, students should note that there is a fee to take the GED® test. For registration dates and times, contact us at 309-796-8216.

Test registration
To register to take the computer-based test, visit GED Testing Service®.