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Medical Coding Specialist Certificate

Program Description

The Medical Coding Specialist Certificate is to prepare students for employment in the health care information management area. This certificate enables the student to be employed by coding departments, physicians’ offices, health care clinics, emergency care clinics, chiropractic offices, psychiatric clinics, health insurance companies and HMO offices. The opportunity for Internet coding work is possible after experience is gained.

The Medical Coding Specialist job entails the translation of diagnoses, procedures, services and supplies into numeric/alpha-numerical components for statistical reporting and reimbursement. The Medical Coding Specialist can expect team working experience with medical billing specialists and others on the health care team; this person will need special training in medical terminology, anatomy and physiology as well as a thorough understanding of CPT-4 procedure and ICD-10 diagnosis coding; also necessary knowledge includes an in-depth understanding of third-party reimbursement and overage policies, the review and the abstract of in-patient and out-patient medical records, the ability to utilize new coding standards, HIPAA regulations, the ability to resolve insurance carrier rejects and denials related to coding and coverage issues.

To deliver these special skills in this program, this curriculum provides both classroom instruction and hands-on experience in the form of an internship. The internship will be for one semester- minimum 15 hours a week, for a total of 240 hours.

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Suggested Courses

Course (Credit Hours):

First Semester

BE 100 Orientation to Work Environment (2)
BE 141 Computerized Keyboarding I (3)
HIM 150 Technical Medical Terminology (3)
HIM 156 Introduction to Health Insurance (3)
HIM 257 Procedures and Diagnosis Coding I (3)

Second Semester

HIM 200 Advanced Medical Terminology (3)
HIM 251 Medical Office Procedures (3)
HIM 258 Procedures & Diagnosis Coding II (3)

Third Semester

HIM 254 Law Liability and Medical Ethics (3)
HIM 259 Procedures & Diagnosis Coding III (3)
HIM 261 Seminar (1)
HIM 265 Internship (3)

Minimum total hours required for degree: 33