Health Information Management (AAS)

Program Description

Check with an advisor about the possible availability of certain curricula at the East Campus. Completion of the degree is currently available only at the Quad Cities Campus.

Students completing this associate degree will be able to:

  • Successfully utilize technology for the management of health care information
  • Demonstrate accurate use CPT and ICD-10 coding
  • Provide information to administration using computer skills of preparing datasheet, analysis and presentation graphics

Health information technology is a fast-growing occupation in the U.S. today. The HIM professional has a thorough knowledge of medical office procedures including: health insurance filing, medical coding, and regulations. HIM graduates are prepared to use health information technology to maintain, compile, and report health information data for reimbursement, facility planning, risk management, quality assessment and research, and code clinical data using appropriate classification systems and analyze health records according to the current standards. Graduates document patient care and facilitate delivery of health care services. They are aware of all standards and requirements that apply to the medical record, as well as the legal significance of the patient file. The curriculum for this associate’s degree includes medical coding. Medical coding professionals stand in the crossroads of healthcare technology which is an important component of the healthcare delivery system.

A student with a medical coding certificate may transfer coursework towards this Heath Information Management degree. This degree includes a 240-hour internship in which students will engage in supervised “on the job training.” Internship sites may include physician’s offices, medical centers or insurance offices.

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Suggested Courses

Course (Credit Hours):

First Semester

HIM 110       Human Anatomy & Disease  (3)

HIM 150       Technical Medical Terminology  (3)

HIM 156       Introduction to Health Insurance  (3)

HIM 255       Management of Elec. Health Records  (3)

HIM 257       Procedure & Diagnosis Coding I  (3)



HIM 200 Advanced Medical Terminology    (3)

HIM 251       Medical Office Procedures    (3)

HIM 252       Pharmacology Terminology   (3)

HIM 254       Law, Liability, and Medical Ethics  (3)

HIM 258       Procedure & Diagnosis Coding II  (3)


HIM 259       Proced & Diagnosis Coding III   (3)

HIM 261       Seminar     (1)

HIM 265       Internship  (3)

Third Semester

CS 100          Introduction to Computers   (3)

COMM 105  Essentials of English    (3)

BE 180          Business Communications    (3)

PHIL 100      Logic      (3)

Fourth Semester

SPEC 175     Intercultural Communication   (3)

BE 100          Work Environment Orientation   (2)

HIM 249       Management of Health Info   (3)

PSYC 101    Intro to Psychology or

SOC 101       Principles of Sociology   (3)

Minimum total hours required for degree: 60

Minimum total hours required for degree: 60

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