Business (AAS)

Program Description

Success in a business career in the 21st Century will require preparation in core subjects. In this program, students learn management skills, accounting procedures, financial management techniques, and skills to market products and services. They also gain general knowledge of business law, economics, and computer skills. The Business AAS degree expands on the coursework of the Banking and Finance, Small Business Management, and Team Leader certificates.

Business students are prepared for industries such as retail, hospitality, insurance, banks, non-profit organizations, and government agencies. Upon graduation students will be qualified for positions in entry level management, entry level HR/Benefit specialists, and marketing positions such as sales, customer service and event planning. Some students develop their own successful businesses.

Students who complete this program will be able to:

  • Demonstrate the ability to apply and synthesize the functional areas of business to make sound business decisions.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of traditional business functions including entrepreneurship, economics, leadership, management marketing, accounting and finance.
  • Communicate in a variety of domains, including writing, speaking, listening and reading, while respecting the impact of technology on effective communication.
  • Analyze and appreciate the role of cultural diversity and the impact of continuously changing global business environment in business decision making using the appropriate strategic framework.
  • Evaluate the use of financial budgeting concepts to make sound decisions in managing personal finances.
  • Employ critical thinking skills to evaluate the practical implications of organizational policies, decisions and strategy.
  • Identify, evaluate and articulate defensible resolutions to practical social responsibility and ethical dilemmas.

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Suggested Courses

Course (Credit Hours):

First Semester

ACCT 170    Accounting Basics – Career I (3)
ACCT 171    Accounting Basics I – Lab (1)
BUSN 110    Intro to Business (3)
BUSN 116    Business Relations (3)
BUSN 160    Business Math I (3)
CS 100          Introduction to Computers

Second Semester

ACCT 180    Accounting Basics – Career II (3)
ACCT 181    Accounting Basics II – Lab (1)                           
BUSN 195 Personal Finance (3)
BUSN 210 Business Math II (3)
BUSN 242 Principles of Supervision or
BUSN 250 Human Resource Management (3)
BUSN 245 Business Entepernuership (3)

Third Semester

BL 201          Business Law I or
BL 202          Business Law II (3)
BUSN 230    Principles of Marketing (3)
ECON 221 Principles of Macro Economics or
ECON 222 Principles of Micro Economics (3)
BUSN, ACCT, BE, BL, or SPEC Elective (3)
BUSN 240    Principles of Management (3)

Fourth Semester

BUSN 266    Business Policy and Ethics (3)
BUSN 238 Salesmanship 3
BUSN 247    Business Internship (3)
BUSN 249 Business Seminar (1)
BE 180 Business Communications (3)

*You may choose from the approved list of electives listed below:

Accounting Electives: ACCT 121, ACCT 123, ACCT 240, ACCT 290

Business Education Electives: BE 146, BE 264

Finance Electives: BUSN 210, BUSN 215, BUSN 252, BUSN 260, BL 202

International Business Electives: BUSN 270, BUSN 272

Marketing Electives: BUSN 236, BUSN 280, BUSN 284

Management Electives: BUSN 118, BUSN 121, BUSN 241, BUSN 242, BUSN 243, BUSN 250, BUSN 251, BUSN 252

SPEC Electives: SPEC 114 (Fall Only), SPEC 175 (Spring only)

Minimum total hours required for degree: 60