Accounting (AAS)

Program Description

The program is designed to develop an understanding of, and skills in, the principles of accounting as related to practical use in business.  A strong emphasis is placed on computer accounting skills.  Accounting skills are developed through courses in basic, intermediate, managerial, and tax accounting. Students get hands-on experience through several computer lab simulations and practice courses. Students have the opportunity to work at an actual job site for direct hands-on experience.  Additional course work in business law, finance, business operations, computer information systems, business mathematics, and communications provides related knowledge necessary for the accountant.

The content and emphasis of this program are guided by an advisory committee made up of working accountants and business people of the community.  This committee’s advice helps ensure that the accounting graduate is well prepared for employment in accounting or in a wide range of related positions in the insurance, real estate, banking, commercial, financial, and industrial areas.

It should be clearly understood by the student that this program is not designed to be a transfer program, but, rather a program that prepares students to enter directly into the work force. Students interested in pursuing a four-year degree in accounting should see the Transfer Programs section of this catalog.

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Suggested Courses

Course (Credit Hours):

First Semester

BUSN 110    Intro to Business (3)
BUSN 116    Business Relations (3)
BUSN 160    Business Math I (3)
ACCT 170    Accounting Basics – Career I (3)
ACCT 171    Accounting Basics I – Lab (1)
CS 100          Introduction to Computers (3)

Second Semester

BE 146          Microsoft Excel (3)
ACCT 121    Accounting with QuickBooks I (2)
ACCT 123    Accounting with QuickBooks I (2)
ACCT 180    Accounting Basics – Career II (3)
ACCT 181    Accounting Basics II – Lab (1)
ACCT 290    Payroll Accounting (3)

Third Semester

ACCT 102    Managerial Accounting (3)                                   
ACCT 104    Managerial Accounting Lab (1)                          
ACCT 208    Intermediate Accounting (4)
BL 202          Business Law II (3)
BUSN 220    Business Math II (3)

Fourth Semester

ACCT 240    Internal Controls and Fraud (3)
ACCT 250    Federal Income Tax (4)
ACCT 263    Accounting Internship (3)
BE 180         Business Communications (3)
ACCT 270    Accounting Data Analytics (3)

Student enrolling in internship course must have prior approval of the coordinator.


Minimum total hours required for degree: 60