What do I need to get on to the Arsenal Island?

This will be explained in further detail the first night of class. However you must have a valid driver’s license or ID card to be issued a badge. Only those with a valid license are allowed to drive on the Island.

When do I need to have my protective welding gear?

The first day of lab.

What is considered successful completion?

You must be in attendance and participate 95% of the time in order to receive a certificate from Black Hawk College. You will be given approximately nine hands-on welding tests. Your passing welds and attendance will be printed on your certificate to validate your skill level and discipline.

Does this program guarantee me a job?

No, it does not guarantee a job or an interview. This program was designed to respond to the current demand of MIG Welders. By successfully completing this program, it will show a potential employer that you are trainable and have a basic knowledge of production MIG welding. You should actively pursue as many employers as possible to improve your chances of gaining employment as a welder.

Are there any other funding options?

Yes. Call Stephanie Dixon at 796-5444 for IL Veterans Grant assistance. Iowa dislocated workers or lower income levels, contact Iowa @ Work at 563-336-3499.

What are payment options?

Cash, credit cards, checks are accepted. The college is offering a split-pay service option. The cost of the service is $25. For Spring 2012 classes $800 is due at the time of registration and the remaining $775 would be due by the third week of class.

Do I have to pay for the class before I take it?

Yes. Payment must be made to secure a seat in the class.

What is the cost of this welding program?

Class cost is $1,610.

Is this class eligible for financial aid?

Since this program is not college credit, it does not qualify for financial aid.

Are there any qualifications for the program?

You must be a U. S. citizen to gain access onto Arsenal Island. You do not need to have a high school diploma/GED although it will significantly improve your chances of being considered for employment.