How does an instructor refer a student for accommodation services?

Encourage the student to contact a member of the Disability Services staff. You may want to contact the office yourself to follow up on your referral.

Who do I contact if there’s a problem with the elevator?

If the elevator is not functioning properly, contact the appropriate Disability Services Office. If you are unable to attend class because the elevator is malfunctioning, contact the Disability Services Office and we will notify your instructor. Students are also welcome to have a Disability Services staff member copy a classmate’s notes for them.

What are some of my responsibilities?

  • Follow the steps to receive accommodations.
  • Initiate all services and do so in a timely manner.
  • Seek assistance when you experience problems with accommodation services.

What is the process for requesting/receiving accommodations?

  • Contact the Disability Services Office
  • Submit disability documentation which determines eligibility and supports request for accommodations.
  • Meet with Disability Services staff to develop accommodations plan.
  • Complete Disability Accommodations Notification Form(s) as needed.
  • Students are encouraged to deliver their Accommodation Forms during the first week of the semester.
  • Introduce yourself to your instructor and discuss your accommodation needs the first week of classes.

What are the rights of students with respect to student accommodations?

These rights would include:

  • Equal access to an education
  • Reasonable and effective accommodations according to the student’s disability
  • Confidentiality
  • Respectful and fair treatment

What are some examples of accommodations that are not made or arranged by the Disability Services Office?

The ADA does not require colleges to provide personal assistants, individual personal tutors, or personal assistive technology. Accommodations are not made which would reduce academic expectations or which would eliminate essential components of any course.