Payment Options & Due Dates

We hope the trickiest thing about payments is remembering that the Bursar’s Office is where you pay your bills. The Bursar’s Office is here to provide you support in regards to all aspects of the accounts receivable process for an individual’s student account.

Payment Due Dates


Payment for Spring 2023 classes is due on Wednesday, December 14th. Payment in full, a deferred payment plan, third-party billing vouchers, or Financial Aid must be on the student account by this date to avoid being dropped from classes.

If a student registers for classes AFTER Wednesday, December 14th, payment in full, a deferred payment plan, third-party billing vouchers, or Financial Aid must be on the account at the time of registration to avoid being dropped from classes.

  • Full-semester and 1st 8-week classes begin on Tuesday, January 17th.
  • 2nd 8-week classes begin on Monday, March 20th.

Spring 2023 Direct Digital Access (DDA) Charges Due Date

  • DDA charges (if applicable) are billed to the students account on or about the 11th day of the semester.
  • Payment is due by Wednesday, February 15th.

Deferred Payment Plan

Black Hawk College offers a deferred payment plan for spring and fall semesters. Students can choose between a three- or four-installment plan. Payment plans can be set up in-person during normal business hours or by clicking the Set Up a Deferred Payment link on the Student Billing tab in the myBlackHawk account.

Spring 2023 Deferred Payment Plan Due Dates:

If a student registers for classes between November 1st and December 14th, the payment plan must be set up and the first payment received by December 14th.

If a student registers for classes between December 15th and January 16th, the payment plan must be set up and the first payment received at the time of registration.

A payment plan will not be set up if the first payment is not received.


Payment Three-Payment Plan Due Dates Four-Payment Plan Due Dates
1 Wednesday, December 14, 2022 or at the time of registration. Wednesday, December 14, 2022 or at the time of registration.
2 Wednesday, February 15, 2023 Wednesday, February 15, 2023
3 Wednesday, March 15, 2023 Wednesday, March 15, 2023
4 Wednesday, April 12, 2023 ***

***It is important to note that this date falls AFTER priority registration opens for Summer and Fall semesters. Students are not able to sign up for next semester classes until their current account balance is paid in full.

Payment options

The Bursar’s Office, both the Quad-Cities Campus and East Campus locations, accepts in-person payments during normal business hours. Cash, checks or money orders are accepted at no additional cost to the student. Debit and credit cards are also accepted; a fee of 2.55% will be added to all debit and credit card payments.  We accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover.

On-campus drop box
Payments can also be made outside of Bursar’s Office hours via the Payment Drop Box located in the hallway next to the Bursar’s Office in Building 1 at the Quad-Cities Campus. Availability is subject to the building’s open access hours.

Online payment
Black Hawk College accepts debit card, credit card, and personal checks online through myBlackHawk. Please note that there is a 2.55% charge for using a debit or credit card or a $2.95 fee for using a personal check online. Instructions to Pay Online through myBlackHawk.

Over the phone

Payments can be made over the phone during normal business hours using a debit card, credit card or a personal check. A fee of 2.55% will be added to all debit and credit card payments; a fee of $2.95 will be added to personal check payments.

By mail
Please make sure to allow 10 business days for payments to be received. Please only mail a check, money order or a cashier’s check to the Bursar’s Office. Do not send cash. Please include the student’s Black Hawk College ID number on the check and make check payable to Black Hawk College.

Check-writing FAQs

  • Checks must have the account holders name pre-printed on the check by the bank.
  • Post-dated checks will not be accepted.
  • A check may not be written for more than the amount of the payment, with the intent of receiving a refund for the overpayment.
  • Returned personal checks are charged a fee of $30.
  • Returned electronic checks are charged a fee of $31.
  • The returned check and any related fees must be repaid using a different method of payment, i.e. cash, debit card, credit card.

Other payment options

Third-Party Payers
Students whose tuition is being paid for by a third party must obtain a voucher from that third party that authorizes Black Hawk College to bill them. The voucher should include the student’s name, specific charges that the third party agrees to pay, and any special billing instruction the third party may require. Vouchers need to be received in the Bursar’s Office by the posted payment due to avoid being dropped from classes. A new voucher will be required for each semester.

Charge-Backs and Cooperative Agreements
Students who live in another community college district may be eligible to attend Black Hawk College at the in-district rate if they are enrolled in a program that is not offered at their local community college. Interested students must first visit their local college to obtain approval through either a charge-back or cooperative agreement. This agreement must be received by Black Hawk 30 days prior to the start of the semester; if received after, the student may not be eligible to receive the reduced rate for that semester. Length of the approval varies by school and it is up to the student to ensure the approval is effective for each semester they are attending.  Application to Attend a Recognized Public Community College by Cooperative Agreement.

Employee Reimbursed Tuition
When an employer agrees to reimburse an employee for courses that are taken, the student must pay the tuition bill via one of the payment options listed. Black Hawk College will not defer tuition balances when the employer agrees to reimburse the student upon completion of the courses.

Prepaid College Tuition Plans
Black Hawk College will bill College IL 529 plans directly. A copy of the participant’s annual statement needs to be turned into the Bursar’s Office upon registration.

Most other 529 plans require the participant to request payment be sent to Black Hawk College.

Balance Forward Authorization Form
Students can authorize the college to apply up to $200 of their anticipated financial aid refund towards a past due balance from a prior academic year. To start this process, the student must complete the appropriate FAFSA application and the Balance Forward Authorization Form. Questions? Please contact the Financial Aid office at or 309-796-5400.