BHC kicks off $40.8 million renovation project at QC Campus

Black Hawk College is poised to begin a $40.8 million renovation project at the Quad-Cities Campus.

artist rendering of remodeled QC Bldg 3 exterior
Artist rendering of remodeled Building 3 at the Quad-Cities Campus

As part of the college’s Facilities Master Plan, Building 3 is scheduled to undergo a major renovation that will include science and health career labs, athletics and fitness spaces, classrooms, faculty offices and the BHC Police Department.

The three-story building on the west side of campus will have limited accessibility until the project is finished in mid-2024.

The BHC Police Department has moved to the Sustainable Technologies Building on the east side of campus (accessible from Lot 1 off 70th Street). The Athletic Department has moved to Building 1, and the Hawk’s Cupboard food pantry has moved to Building 4. Lot 3 (the parking lot west of Building 3) will be closed for parking and used by construction.

The gym will be accessible for athletic events during construction except May 15, 2023-Aug. 1, 2023. The Health Sciences Center and adjacent Lot 2 will remain open and accessible during construction.

Built in 1971, the renovated Building 3 will include:

  • Athletics/fitness facilities
  • Campus police office
  • Food pantry
  • Training room
  • 8 natural science labs
  • 4 health science labs
  • 7 science prep and storage rooms
  • 5 classrooms
  • 1 computer lab
  • Faculty offices
  • New entry

The pool closed in 2020 and the space will be remodeled into new science labs that will relocate to Building 3 from Building 2.

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