BHC East Foundation honors scholarship donors, recipients

Male & female scholarship donors with female student
Scholarship donors and BHC professors emeriti Lanny and Carolyn Anderson with scholarship recipient Ally Hanna of Wheaton.

The Black Hawk College East Foundation honored both those who gave and those who received at its annual scholarship banquet.

“This is such a neat program that not only honors our benefactors who provide the scholarships, but also the students who benefit from them,” said Doug Parrott, chair of the foundation’s board.

Students shared their future plans and how receiving a scholarship has assisted them in their education.

“Every single year, many students’ stories pull at the heartstrings, making all the foundation’s work seem more worthwhile!” he said.

Parrott also acknowledged the recent passing of foundation board member Chuck Deahl with a moment of silence at the banquet. Deahl was very involved in Black Hawk College East Foundation and a strong supporter of the East Campus.

Liz Breedlove, the foundation’s executive director, congratulated the 2018-19 scholarship recipients.

“It is our hope that you will always remember the kind assistance you have received from our benefactors, and when you are able, will pay this generosity forward,” she said.

The Black Hawk College East Foundation has awarded 99 scholarships totaling $86,645 to 75 students for the 2018-19 school year. With additional scholarships that will be awarded in the spring, the foundation expects to exceed $110, 000 in scholarship support for the year. The foundation maintains 96 scholarship funds with assets of more than $2.6 million.

female student & male scholarship donor smiling at camera
Scholarship recipient Lovie Christion of Kewanee with scholarship donor Keith Luymes.

The mission of the Black Hawk College East Foundation is to serve as the primary support partner of the East Campus of Black Hawk College by providing for and conducting activities that facilitate the growth and development of the East Campus.

The scholarship recipients by hometown are:
(All towns are in Illinois unless indicated otherwise.)


  • Amanda Carlson • Agri-Business Club Alumni Scholarship, EALgreen Scholarship, Holmquist Scholarship
  • Matthew Lloyd • Todd DeMay Memorial Scholarship


  • Sarah Stanger • Cargill Equine Scholarship


  • Knute Larson • John L. Haines, Jr. Memorial Scholarship


  • Sadie Espino • Black Hawk East Foundation Scholarship, Smith Scholarship
  • Walter Rodgers • Dave Lapan Memorial Scholarship


  • Chloe Gustafson • CHS Foundation Scholarship (Freshman)


  • Ashley Estes • Harriet McCarthy Scholarship

Brazil, IN

  • John Mace • CHS Foundation Scholarship (Sophomore), Walter H. Shreck Scholarship


  • Devin Fuqua • BHC East Foundation CNA Scholarship
  • Alexander Owens • Dale and Helen Swanson Scholarship, Henry County Association of Independent Insurance Agents Scholarship
  • Hanna Thompson • Dean L. Bates Scholarship

Camp Point

  • McLayn Musick • Dan Hoge Livestock Judging Scholarship


  • Allison Gossett • Dr. C. Scott Dickinson Scholarship


  • Samantha Dixon • Dr. Glenn I. Luymes Veterinary Technology Scholarship

Deer Grove

  • Katie Bannick • Janssen-Ewoldsen Family Agriculture Scholarship

Defiance, OH

  • Kacey Wilkerson • Holmquist Scholarship

DeWitt, IA

  • Makaila Moore • Holmquist Scholarship


  • Mickala Klay • Holmquist Scholarship

Eau Claire, MI

  • Caleb Peppel • Denny Orr Agriculture Mechanics Scholarship, Elmer Brose Scholarship

Edmore, MI

  • Teresa Brun • Robin Moreland Memorial Equine Scholarship

Ewing, MO

  • Benjamin Corey • Black Hawk College Endowed Equine Scholarship


  • Alissa Murphy • 25 for 25 Scholarship
  • Datin Newman • George & Mary Lee Wilsey Endowed Skilled Trades Scholarship
  • Amanda Smith • Eleanor Washburn Scholarship
  • Kristen VanDeVelde • Walter H. Shreck Scholarship


  • Taylor Mills • Nancy & Wayne Hier Scholarship
  • RaeLynn Versluys • GROWMARK Scholarship


  • Trace Fidler • Livestock Judging Scholarship


  • Blake Hennenfent • Elmer Hoge Memorial Scholarship, Mid-Continent Scholarship

Huntington, IN

  • Courtney Coffman • Rosemary Ward Memorial Scholarship

Indianapolis, IN

  • Levi Evans • Kandis Family Endowed Equine Scholarship

Jewell, IA

  • Jamie Hildreth • CHS Foundation Scholarship (Freshman)

Kathryn, ND

  • Kylee Myers • Livestock Judging Scholarship


  • Sydney Baughman • Piper Scholarship, William & Elizabeth Dolieslager Scholarship
  • Evan Becker • Dean L. Bates Scholarship
  • Jacob Boswell • Black Hawk East Foundation Scholarship
  • Lovie Christion • Dr. Glenn I. Luymes Veterinary Technology Scholarship
  • Madelyn Damron • Jeff Owens Memorial Scholarship
  • Adam Dynes • Walter H. Shreck Scholarship
  • Rebecca Fisher • Amelia Wallen Stark County Fair Pageant Scholarship
  • Mark Frampton • Black Hawk East Welding Scholarship
  • Abigail Golnick • Kewanee Rotary Club Scholarship, Theodore and Penny Vlahos Scholarship
  • Kayla Kendall • Debbie Kitterman Memorial Scholarship, Harriet McCarthy Scholarship
  • Breanne Rosebeck • Frank Gerard Memorial Scholarship
  • Delaney Smith • Black Hawk East Alumni Scholarship, Erickson Family Endowment Scholarship
  • Sullivan Smith • Kewanee Kiwanis Club Scholarship, Kewanee Rotary Club Scholarship
  • Kayla Thomas • Darlene Collinson Endowed Scholarship, Dean W. Stoner Scholarship, Otto Schwefel Scholarship


  • Megan Exner • Walter H. Shreck Scholarship

Lake Village, IN

  • Cole Clinton • Walter H. Shreck Scholarship

Logansport, IN

  • Jayna Trueblood • Walter H. Shreck Scholarship

Lyndon Station, WI

  • Daniel Walsh • CHS Foundation Scholarship (Sophomore), Walter H. Shreck Scholarship


  • McKenna Lindsey • Walter H. Shreck Scholarship

Maple Park

  • Jacob Thompson • CHS Foundation Scholarship (Freshman), Dean L. Bates Scholarship


  • Rebecca Bowers • Dean L. Bates Scholarship
  • Justin Tate • Peoples National Bank Scholarship

Mount Airy, MD

  • McKenzy Wolfe • Cory Lowderman Memorial Scholarship

Mountain Grove, MO

  • Garrett Farran • Colwell Scholarship


  • Rachel Perry • Eleanor Washburn Scholarship

Powell Butte, OR

  • Kinsey Ayres • Robert & Jean Wolf Memorial Scholarship


  • Holly Goodman • Bea Haines Memorial Endowed Scholarship, Kewanee Area Business Women’s Scholarship

Prole, IA

  • Olivia Johnson • CHS Foundation Scholarship (Freshman)


  • Kailin Saucedo • EALgreen Scholarship


  • Madison Taylor • Cargill Equine Scholarship


  • Craig Combs • Dave Lapan Memorial Scholarship, Dr. Gene Gardner IMPACT Scholarship, Walter H. Shreck Scholarship
  • Abby Dennison • David Bradbury Scholarship
  • Tori Donovan • Lyle and Marie Blodgett Memorial Scholarship, Mehaffey Memorial Scholarship
  • Noah Gibson • Amelia Wallen Memorial Scholarship
  • Makenzie Snyder • Agricultural Fund Scholarship, Bill & Betty Hyer Memorial Scholarship

Wadesville, IN

  • Michaela Weiss • Brick Lundberg Scholarship


  • Austin Parkinson • Robert H. & Bernice E. Eastman Memorial Scholarship

Waunakee, WI

  • Kamryn Kruchten • Susan Shipp Memorial Scholarship, Verlin & Joan Jackson Endowed Equine Scholarship

West Point, IA

  • Tyler Wellman • Dan Hoge Livestock Judging Scholarship


  • Ally Hanna • Anderson Memorial Scholarship, Kewanee Area Business Women’s Scholarship


  • Cali Pontnack • Peoples National Bank Endowed Equine Scholarship


  • Kayla Humphres • Brick Lundberg Scholarship, CHS Foundation Scholarship (Sophomore)


  • McKenzie Evans • Amelia Wallen Memorial Scholarship
  • Teresa Heuermann • Ron & Teresa Brown Memorial Scholarship
  • Makenzie Lantz • 25 for 25 Scholarship
  • Katie McCauley • CHS Foundation Scholarship (Sophomore)
  • Jordyn Meinders • Amelia Wallen Stark County Fair Pageant Scholarship
  • Elizabeth West • Amelia Wallen Stark County Fair Pageant Scholarship

Photos from the evening are available on Facebook.