Registration for Dual Credit

Become a Dual Credit student at Black Hawk College:

  1. Meet with your high school counselor to obtain permission to apply to the program.
  2. Apply to Black Hawk College. This is only needed the first time you take college classes.
  3. Complete Placement Testing.Take the placement test in English, reading and mathematics. Qualifying ACT or SAT scores may be used in lieu of the placement test.
  4. Take the completed High School Student Registration Form to your high school counselor to register for courses. This form requires your signature and the signatures of your parent/guardian and a high school official. You MUST complete this form EACH semester you wish to take dual enrollment/dual credit courses.
  5. Pay tuition if required. Contact your high school counselor about costs and possible tuition assistance.
  6. If you want to receive high school credit in addition to college credit for the course, it is your responsibility to contact your high school.

Home-schooled students: Follow same procedure as above except parent/guardian completes form as school official.

Area high school counselors – East Campus

High school Counselor Counselor phone
AlWood Catherine Staker 309-334-2102
Annawan Tammy Celus 309-935-6781
Cambridge Lisa Miller 309-937-2051
Galva Vicki Conner 309-932-2151
Kewanee Paula Evans 309-853-3328
Stark County Angela McGrath 309-286-4451
Wethersfield Jessie Seiden 309-853-4205


Area high school counselors – Quad-Cities Campus

High school Counselor Counselor phone
Alleman Lynn VanDeHeede 309-786-7793
Erie Brittney Ramos 309-659-2239
Geneseo Kathy Buysse 309-945-0306
Mercer County Tami Hainds 309-582-2223
Moline Casey Stone 309-743-8822
Orion Jennifer Bakener 309-526-3361
Riverdale Jennifer Robinson 309-523-3181
Rock Island Kelly Preston 309-793-5950
Rockridge Anne Bohnsack 309-793-8020
Sherrard Julie Drish 309-593-2175
United Township Stacey Drish 309-752-1673