“I am taking the ESL classes to improve my English and focus on my principle goal, which is getting a bachelor’s degree.”


Academic English as a Second Language Program (ESL)

Since 1991, we have served more than 1,000 international and ESL, EFL, and ELL students from around the world in our Academic ESL Program. Our students are refugees, student-visa holders, businessmen and businesswomen, and visiting scholars.

We are an accredited program with a strong reputation for excellence and innovation. ESL faculty members and staff are committed to preparing our students to be competitive with their American counterparts in vocational and academic programs and in the workforce.

Students who complete the ACADEMIC ESL program

  • Learn reading, writing, listening, speaking and study skills to succeed in academic and vocational classes.
  • Learn about the U.S. university system and how to transfer to other programs.
  • Successfully work with online classes and web-enhanced college-level classes.
  • Learn how to use the library system on campus and in the surrounding area.
  • Meet important people on campus who can continue to help them after they graduate.
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Get started

Before you begin the program, you will take the language placement test. The score that you receive on this test will help us figure out which classes would be most helpful for you in reaching your goals.

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