Business, Computer, & Engineering Technology Faculty

The Business, Computer & Engineering Technology Department at the Quad-Cities Campus includes nine full-time faculty members. Their educational and professional backgrounds enhance your learning experience.

Our instructors connect with local employers to find out what courses and skills graduates should have when entering the workforce. This means you’ll have a competitive advantage in today’s job market, and most certificates and degrees require students to complete an internship that provides real-world experience.


Jodee Werkheiser, M.S.
Department Chair & Professor, Computer Applications
EC Building 2, Room 114
Jamie Hill, M.S.
Assistant Department Chair & Professor, Computer Science
QC Building 2, Room 158
Ewelina Bergert, M.B.A.
Assistant Professor, Business
QC Building 1, Room 366
Lee Blackmon, B.S.
Assistant Professor, Engineering Technology
QC Building STB, Room 108
Acie Earl, M.A. 
Professor, Business
QC Building 2, Room 255
Darcy Jeffries, M.B.A.
Assistant Professor, Accounting
EC Building 2, Room 111
Don Mosier, A.A.S.
Professor, Networking
QC Building 2, Room 154
Melette Pearce, M.S.
Assistant Professor, Office Technology Education
QC Building 1, Room 367
Amy Smith, M.B.A.
Professor, Accounting
QC Building 1, Room 357