Advice for new students from students

Starting college can feel overwhelming, but keep in mind that everyone was new once. Take a few minutes and read advice from six returning students to help you start college off right!

Student: Emma Bertram

Hometown: Moline, Illinois

Program: Associate in Arts – English

Advice: “Get involved with clubs and organizations, you’ll make new friends and get to know your professors in a different light. Watch out for events in the Hawk’s Nest. There’s always free food!”

Student: Anna Black

Hometown: Davenport, Iowa

Program: Associate in Arts

Advice: “My advice for a new incoming student at BHC would be to embrace the experience that you will be given. Make the most of BHC by getting involved in clubs and organizations because it is an amazing opportunity to meet new faces. Also, don’t ever hesitate to reach out to a faculty member here at Black Hawk for help whether it is regarding classes, a personal issue or to ask them for advice. They will always be here for you. I am going to miss Black Hawk when I graduate next year, but I am truly thankful for the all the direction I have gotten from my professors and faculty to lead me in the right path. I know you will love Black Hawk just as much as I do!”

Student: Shannon Crisp

Hometown: Cordova, Illinois

Program: Associate Degree Nursing

Advice: “Take very detailed notes and communicate with your instructors.”

Student: Cora Hill

Hometown: Huntington, Indiana

Program: Ag Transfer

Advice: “Don’t wait to get involved on campus! I would encourage all new students to find at least one club or organization that interests them within their first few weeks of class. From competitive teams to student government and everything in between, there are so many opportunities to get involved and enhance your own future at Black Hawk; take advantage of them!”

Student: Matthew Lloyd

Hometown: Aledo, Illinois

Program: Ag Transfer – Ag Business Marketing and Sales

Advice: “Make the most out of your time at BHC. Try new things, get out of your comfort zone, and meet new people. You don’t want to have regrets later in life.”

Student: Madison Taylor

Hometown: Taylorville, Illinois

Program: Ag Transfer – Agribusiness

Advice: “My best advice is to get involved and stay involved, commit to an activity on campus to meet new people then follow through and you’ll gain so many new opportunities. Next, stay organized. It is easy to get behind in school work but staying on top of it helps in the long run. Last, enjoy it. We are only given a short two years here at Black Hawk so enjoy the experiences and opportunities this school has to offer!”

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