Faculty - Black Hawk College

Horse science instructor enjoys challenge of riding

woman standing with horse in an arena

Horse science instructor Sarah Schobert embraces growth and learning, for both her students and herself. “I love the challenge riding brings,” she said. “Every day is a new thing and you’re constantly learning more.” In her personal time, you might find Schobert running, playing cards or in the saddle. “Luckily my job is a huge […]

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Love for math adds up to a fulfilling career

smiling instructor in office with shelves filled with math books behind her

Assistant professor Robyn McVey loves that with math, once you arrive at the right answer, the task is completed. While there is only one correct answer, McVey has discovered multiple ways to explain how to solve problems during her decade teaching at Black Hawk College. “Some people do need a different take,” she said. “I’ve […]

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BHC team helps bees at Illiniwek

instructor standing behind prairie plants in a forest preserve

A BHC team is researching a tiny creature with a big impact: bees. They are small enough to be overlooked by many, but their role in our lives is huge. Bees pollinate many of the fruits and vegetables that make our meals possible, and the flowers that we love. You have likely heard the buzz […]

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