Associate in Fine Arts

Program Description

The Associate in Fine Arts in Art provides preparation for students planning to major in art at a four-year institution pursuing the BFA in Art. It is also appropriate for those who seek foundation-level training to work as a fine artist, graphic designer, illustrator, media designer, or animator. This degree includes successful completion of ART 289 Portfolio Development the semester prior to graduation, and the satisfactory evaluation of a final graduation portfolio that is representative of art program coursework at Black Hawk College. Students will meet with a program advisor to determine career/transfer objectives and assess portfolio needs/strengths. Additional coursework or internships may be advised to strengthen portfolio work or develop additional skills.

All Design fields and most BFA Studio programs require a second semester portfolio review prior to being admitted to the degree program. Demonstrated proficiency and specific grade point averages may be required. Most coursework will be accepted but additional work to strengthen the portfolio may be required prior to admission thus delaying the time to degree completion. Students are strongly encouraged to contact their preference of transfer institution prior to their sophomore year for specific admission advice.

Each student who is awarded an Associate in Fine Arts degree by the College shall have completed thirty seven (37) credit hours of general education.



1. A grade of “C” or better in English 101 and English 102 is required for graduation. Students transferring courses equivalent to English 101 and 102 to Black Hawk College must have a grade of “C” or better in those courses in order to obtain transfer credit.

2. A total of sixty-two (62) credit hours with a “C” (2.0) grade point average or above for all work completed at Black Hawk College.

3. Student must earn at least 24 credit hours, excluding non-traditional credit options, at Black Hawk College.

4. No courses numbered below 100 will apply towards satisfying any AFA degree requirements.

Suggested Courses

Course (Credit Hours):


ART 101 2-Dimensional Design (3)
ART 121 Drawing I (3)
ENG 101 Composition I  or   (3)
ENG 101C  Composition 1
PSYC 101 Intro to Psychology (3)
*Physical Science Elective (3)


ART 111 3-Dimensional Design (3)
ART 122 Drawing II (3)
SPEC 101 Principles of Speech Communication (3)
ENG 102 Composition II (3)
Life Science Elective (4)


ART 289 Portfolio Development (1)
ART 213 Digital Photography (3)
ART 201 Life Drawing (3)
ART 281 History of Western Art I (3)
ART 190 Introduction to Computer Arts (3)
*Mathematics Elective (3)


ART 282 History of Western Art II (3)
*ART Studio Elective (3)
SOC 101 Principles of Sociology (3)
*Humanities Elective (3)
*Humanities Elective (3)


3 courses (9 semester credits), including a two-course sequence in writing (6 semester credits) and one course (3 semester credits) in oral communication. A grade of “C” or better in English 101 and English 102 is required for those courses to be eligible to be included in the IAI General Education Core Curriculum.
ENG 101 Composition I
ENG 102 Composition II
SPEC 101 Principles of Speech Communication
(IAI: C2 900)

1 course (3 semester credits) in mathematics required.
MATH 110 Mathematics for General Education

Physical & Life Sciences. 2 courses (7-8 semester credits) with one course selected from the life sciences and one course from the physical sciences and including at least one laboratory course, or both NSCI 101 and NSCI 102.

Physical Sciences
ASTR 101 Astronomy: The Solar System
ASTR 102 Astronomy: Stars and Galaxies
CHEM 101 General Chemistry I
CHEM 110 Introduction to Chemistry
CHEM 111 Principles of Organo-Biochemistry
PHYS 101 College Physics I
PHYS 110 Introduction to Physics
PHYS 140 Practical Physics (no lab)
PHYS 201 Mechanics and Thermal Physics
PS 101 Introduction to Physical Science
PS 205 Issues in Science, Technology & Society
(no lab)

Life Sciences
BIOL 100 Introduction to Biology
BIOL 101 General Human Biology
BIOL 105 General Biology I
BIOL 200 Environmental Bio-Human Impact (no lab)
BIOL 201 Environmental Bio-Diversity (no lab)
BIOL 211 General Botany
BIOL 250 Genetics (no lab)
BIOL 251 Genetics Lab

Physical/Life Sciences
NSCI 101 Environmental Science I (no lab)
NSCI 102 Environmental Science II

Humanities and Fine Arts
4 courses (12 semester credits), with two courses selected from humanities and two courses from the fine arts.

ENG 190 Introduction to Literature
ENG 206 Ethnic American Literature
ENG 207 Introduction to Women Writers
ENG 210 Introduction to Fiction
ENG 214 Modern American Literature
ENG 221 Early British Literature
ENG 223 Introduction to Shakespeare
ENG 250 Film as Literature
HIST 125 Western Civilization I
HIST 127 Western Civilization II
HUM 101 Western Arts & Cultures
HUM 102 Non-Western Arts & Cultures
PHIL 100 Logic
PHIL 101 Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 103 Ethics
PHIL 206 Philosophy of Religion
SPAN 202 Intermediate Spanish II
SPAN 253 Advanced Spanish I
SPAN 254 Advanced Spanish II
Consult transfer institution to determine if foreign language is required.

Fine Arts
ART 281 History of Western Art I
ART 282 History of Western Art II

Social and Behavioral Sciences
2 courses (6 semester credits), with courses selected from at least two disciplines.
PSYC 101 Introduction to Psychology
SOC 101 Principles of Sociology
HIST 200 African-American Histor

Minimum total hours required for degree: 62

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