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Black Hawk College is pleased to host Leadercast 2021, marking the fourth consecutive year of bringing the world’s premier leadership development conference to the Quad-Cities.

The theme for Leadercast 2021 is “Shift” and it will be presented virtually with flexible viewing options for you and your team.


Select a viewing date when you purchase your ticket:

  • August 11 (Live streaming)
  • September 10-11 (On demand for 36-hour window)
  • October 8-9 (On demand for 36-hour window)
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Tickets: $99

You will receive access via email directly from Leadercast prior to the access date(s).


Change is hard. It’s risky. Leadercast 2021 delivers elite leadership content and inspiration from speakers who have had the courage to SHIFT.
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At Leadercast 2021 – Shift you will get the supercharge you’ve been needing to leave the status quo behind to discover a better and brighter future. Join us to shift your leadership skills to levels you never thought possible.


Thank you to our 2021 Leadercast Quad Cities sponsors for helping bring current and future QC leaders together for a day of leadership development and growth.

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Earn CEU credits for attending Leadercast 2021.

Ticket Info: Julie Johnston
Sponsorship Opportunities: John Meineke | Ewelina Bergert
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