How are online classes different from face-to-face, Study Unlimited, hybrid and Distance Learning classes listed in the class schedule?

These various types of distance learning are all available at Black Hawk College. Depending on your learning style preferences, your availability for campus visits, and what you want to learn, you can find each of these modalities listed in the Black Hawk College Class Schedule.

  • “Distance Learning” is the term BHC uses to refer to courses that are taught live over interactive television. Many courses are taught via ITV between the Quad Cities and East campuses, as well as to area high schools where upper-division high school students take courses for college credit.
  • “Study Unlimited” courses are similar to independent study…work at your own pace; take exams on campus; use video or audiotapes; and receive help from the instructor on campus or via phone.
  • “Online” courses are typically more interactive between the students and the instructor, with a learning community developing between participants. They are also more often structured so that the class progresses through the content together, allowing more opportunities for discussion, project work, sharing of ideas, etc.
  • “Hybrid” courses split time between face-to-face classes and online learning. For example, you may spend 1-2 classes per week on campus and the rest online.
College closed for Wednesday January 23 due to inclement weather. All Black Hawk College locations are closed and all classes canceled.