OL for me FAQs - Black Hawk College

Based on your needs, do you want to take online credit or non-college credit classes?

If you want to pursue a degree, you must take college credit classes, listed in the online schedule and described in the catalog. Black Hawk College, through its Outreach Center, makes available 6-week non-college credit courses, certificate programs, and job skill training, all online. For further information, visit the Business and Community Education Center current […]

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How can I make time in my life for an online class?

Taking an online class sounds easy. However, the work load is as much or more as a face-to-face class. To evaluate whether you have time in your present life to take an online class, try this time audit. Are there some things you need to give up, move around, postpone, or get help with in […]

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Are my computer skills adequate for online learning?

It is NOT necessary to have a high level of computer proficiency, but you should have some computer experience navigating the Internet, using e-mail, and using a word-processing program. Reasonable typing speed will also be helpful, as in addition to typing assignments, you will be typing emails, postings to online discussions, etc. Need to learn […]

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