Thank you for registering!

Your registration has been accepted. Thank you for choosing Black Hawk College for your child’s swim lessons. If you have any questions, please contact us at 309-796-5601 or Arnie Chavera at 309-796-5607,

At the Black Hawk College Aquatics Center, ALL children must complete ALL REQUIREMENTS in their current level to progress to the next.  It is not a competition to complete levels. Your child’s safety is our first and foremost priority.

Following a few simple rules can make the most out of your child’s lesson time.

  • BE ON TIME! Please be considerate of the other swimmers and teachers. When you are late it disturbs the whole class and takes away time from your child and others.
  • Please be prepared for swim lessons by having your child in the appropriate swimsuit before class.
  • Please have goggles and swim caps on properly before class.
  • Goggles are not permitted for level one.
  • Masks covering the nose are not allowed for ANY level.
  • Swim caps are recommended, otherwise hair MUST be pulled back without any loose strands before class.
  • Children must be 4 years old to start group lessons.
  • NO RUNNING ON DECK! Please help enforce this rule by speaking to your child.
  • No boys over the age of 6 are allowed in the girl’s locker room.
  • No girls over the age of 6 are allowed in the boy’s locker room.
  • Please let the Aquatic Director know if you need a private place to help dress your child.
  • Before class begins, please sit with your child on the pool deck until your child’s teacher gets him/her for class.
  • During class, if your child keeps letting go of the wall, we will sit him/her on the pool edge for his/her safety.
  • No picture or video taking allowed.
  • Please completely dry off your child(ren) before entering the hallway.
  • PHONE FREE ZONE! Parents keep an extra set of eyes on your child for safety. For children ages 7 years and younger, please remain on the 2nd floor pool level (behind the glass windows) in case your child needs assistance with the restroom.
  • Parents or guardians must remain at the Aquatic center while your child’s class is in session.

These requests will help us concentrate on your child’s swim instruction. Thank you for your cooperation.