Student Clubs, Organizations & Activities at East Campus

Ag Competitive Teams
Black Hawk College East Campus also offers complementary opportunities for student engagement through intercollegiate judging teams and riding teams. Join a team »

Agribusiness Club
Every agriculture student is welcome to participate and join the Agribusiness Club. The club has broad appeal and value to every agriculture major (i.e. crop science, animal science, equine, etc.) Become a business leader in your field by meeting “real world” managers and business owners. The mission of the Agribusiness Club is to develop and promote agriculture business events on campus, in the community and the county through events and tours and to provide education, experience and business network opportunities.
Andrew Larson • 309-854-1830 •
Drew Cotton • 309-854-1842 •
Rebekah Irish • 309-854-1838 •

Auto/Ag Mechanics Club
The mission of the Auto/Ag Mech Club is to involve students in the automotive and agriculture mechanics industry, to connect and interact with other students who are interested in automotive and/or agriculture mechanics, and to establish long-term relationships with individuals in the automotive and agriculture industries.
Jason Grice • 309-854-1839 •
Gary Werkheiser • 309-854-1833 •

Circle K International 
The goal of our organization is to develop college students into a global network of responsible citizens and leaders with a lifelong commitment to service. By giving back to others, Circle K International (CKI) members learn the skills they need to become the next generation of community-minded leaders. Sponsored by Kiwanis International, CKI is the premier collegiate community service, leadership development, and fellowship organization in the world. It’s filled with energetic, passionate, and driven young adults who have the power to make a significant impact on the world.

Future Business Leaders of America-Phi Beta Lambda, Inc. (FBLA-PBL)
The oldest and largest national organization for students preparing for careers in business leadership. FBLA-PBL prepares students for “real world” professional experiences. Members gain the competitive edge for college and career successes.
PBL, the post-secondary division, reaches more than 12,000 students. PBL’s programs provide a relevant context for learning, including practical applications for business skills and knowledge. These programs will help you connect to your campus, to your community, and to the business world.
FBLA-PBL Fact Sheet
FBLA-PBL Sign-up Form
Benefits of FBLA-PBL
Darcy Jeffries • 309-854-1822 •

Illinois Farm Bureau Collegiate Farm Bureau Chapter
The purpose of Illinois Farm Bureau’s Collegiate Farm Bureau program is to embody the Farm Bureau’s mission of being a strong voice for agriculture by engaging students through opportunities in leadership, education, legislation and networking.
Rebekah Irish • 309-854-1838 •

Living in Faith Together (LIFT)
LIFT are believers in Christ from various backgrounds. LIFT warmly receives all believers in Christ and seeks to maintain the oneness of the Spirit by keeping our focus on Christ. We hold the faith which is common to all believers. Through daily prayer, Bible reading, and Christian fellowship we are growing in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
Jeanine Peterson • 309-854-1712 •
Isaac Stewart • 309-854-1832 •

National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America – Student Chapter
Students in the Veterinary Technology program can join the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America – Student Chapter (SCNAVTA). The mission of NAVTA is advancing veterinary nursing and veterinary technology. Members plan activities that promote veterinary technology and give back to the community through volunteer efforts.
Janet Johnson • 309-854-1985 •
Colleen Lewis • 309-854-1991 •
Greg Jurgensen• 309-854-1992 •

Phi Theta Kappa – Alpha Phi Beta Chapter
Phi Theta Kappa is recognized as the official honor society for community colleges by the American Association of Community Colleges. Its purpose is to recognize students who have proven themselves academically. Phi Theta Kappa provides opportunity for the development of leadership and service, for an intellectual climate for exchange of ideas and ideals, for lively fellowship for scholars, and for stimulation of interest in continuing academic excellence.
John Hartman • 309-854-1814 •
Sharon Smith • 309-854-1815 •
Jodee Werkheiser • 309-854-1821 •

Sci Pi Club
The Sci Pi Club allows students who share a common interest in the sciences. In this forum, classmates can meet to discuss coursework, organize club activities, or just enjoy a little time away from their busy academic schedule. The Sci Pi Club spends time organizing fundraisers for club activities, providing community-related services both on-campus and off-campus, and takes part in organized, student engagement functions alongside other BHC student clubs and organizations.
Alan Abbott • 309-854-1812 •
Andrew Mansheim • 309-854-1810 •
Isaac Stewart • 309-854-1832 •

Student Government Association
SGA is the official elected representative governing unit for the students. (Election of officers is held in the spring semester. Freshman and sophomore representative elections are held in the fall semester. Petitions for offices are available two weeks before each election in the East Campus Advising Center.) Visit Student Government for more information about becoming an SGA campus leader.
Vashti Berry • 309-854-1711 •
Brian Beert • 309-854-1702 •

Student Ambassadors
Black Hawk College Student Ambassadors are student volunteers who represent the college in a variety of ways. They lead campus tours for parents, visitors and prospective students, give presentations about careers in agriculture and college life, represent the college at information fairs both at the state and national levels, and they host alumni and dignitaries at school events and functions.

The purpose of We=Them is to create a safe environment for all students of differing views, gender identities, sexual orientations, races, cultures and lifestyles to be able to freely express who they are. The focus is on learning about ourselves and others and how we can all come together to make a positive difference in the world around us. We=Them is open to the entire campus community, with no exclusivity.
Merriam Jolly • 309-796-5418 •