Online Disability Services

Students with disabilities may use a variety of accommodation services that are intended to improve their performance in either a traditional classroom setting or an online setting. These services range from testing assistance to alternate book formats, technology and sign language interpreters.

If you need an accommodation based on disability to fully participate in a program/event, please contact Disability Services. Be sure to allow enough time prior to the program or event and be ready to provide information that documents the disability. Information disclosed about one’s disability will remain confidential. Services are free.

Online Disability Services Accessibility:

The following links have been provided to aid students with disabilities to receive accommodations and support services. Services and support links are listed below in order to receive accommodations through the Disability Services Office for the Online AA Program at Black Hawk College.

Steps to Receive Services:

1. Contact the Disability Services Office or view the Disability Services Student Handbook. Review our office procedures, policies and services located in the Documents section on the Disability Services page.

2. Submit disability documentation which determines eligibility and supports your request for accommodations. You may complete the following forms and submit them via fax or mail (when signature is required) or email attachment (when a signature is not required) and the Disability Services Coordinator will contact you. Below are important forms you will need:

3. Meet with Disability Services staff to develop an accommodation plan.

4. Introduce yourself to your instructor online, deliver the Disability Accommodation Notification Form electronically to your instructor, and discuss your accommodation needs the first week of classes.

Disability Services Online Testing

Special accommodations can be made for students taking online courses and testing.

Information on Online Testing

Once enrolled in your online course, you will receive information regarding your exams. The dates of your exams should be listed in your syllabus or will be scheduled by your instructor.  The instructor will determine the specifics regarding your exam. 

Some courses may require proctored exams which must be taken under the supervision of a certified test proctor or proctoring software. 

  • It is the student’s responsibility to arrange for an approved proctor or proctoring site to supervise all off-campus examinations.
  • Please check with your instructor or the Black Hawk College Testing Center to inquire specific information regarding your exam and proctoring information. 

If you will take tests in the Disability Services Office then the following guidelines apply:

  • Students are asked to give Disability Services at least a four-day notice when scheduling an upcoming test. Test date, time, course and instructor's information will be asked at the time of scheduling the upcoming test. This can be done with a quick phone call or email
  • Students do not need to speak to the Disability Services Coordinator if they give sufficient notice. They can call the main number at 309-796-5900 or email
  • Disability Services will send an electronic “Gold Form” to the instructor which indicates appropriate accommodations.


Common Accommodations for Online Testing Include:
  • Extended time on exams: Testing accommodations allow for extended time on quizzes and exams. Through Black Hawk College’s Online Learning Platform, Canvas, instructors are equipped to extend test times (time-and-a-half). 
  • Reduced distraction testing locations: Students are responsible for finding a distraction-free environment when taking an exam off-campus. 
  • Readers and scribes for exams: If you require a scribe or use of a reader program for exams, please contact the Disability Services Office at 309-796-5900 to arrange specific requirements.

Instructors should fill out their section on the electronic “Gold Form” and return it to the office. Instructors also can email the test as an attachment as long as any information needed that would have been filled out on the yellow sheet (open book, calculator OK, etc.) is placed in the email. The instructor also can email the Gold Form with a password, if the test is online.