Accommodations, Rights & Responsibilities

Accommodations & Services

Extended time, minimum distraction area, use of a reader, scribe, or computer.

A fellow student in class may be willing to make a copy of his/her notes. The student may choose to digitally record the class and later make notes from the recorder. Access to Glean is available for recording lectures on your computer. Sometimes instructors have a class outline or class notes they will share with the students.

Books on alternative format
Staff members will assist students in obtaining textbooks or other class materials from publishers or use software to create an audio book if not available from the publisher.

Equipment loan
The office has a limited amount cassette digital recorders, handheld magnifiers, and talking calculators.

Assistive technology
ZoomText, Natural Reader, Glean and Kurzweil software are available in the Disability Services Office. Contact the Disability Services Coordinator for training.

Sign language interpreters
Interpreters are provided for classes and other campus activities.

Students with mobility disabilities should contact Disability Services to register for emergency evacuation plans and procedures.

Steps to Receive Services and Accommodations

  1. Contact Disability Office or view the Disability Services Student Handbook. Review our office procedures, policies and services.
  2. Submit disability documentation which determines eligibility and supports request for accommodations.You may complete the following forms and submit them via fax or mail (when signature is required) or e-mail attachment (when a signature is not required) and the Disability Services Coordinator will contact you. Below are important forms you will need:
    Disability Services Student Information Sheet (PDF)
    Consent for Release of Information (PDF)
    Verification and Documentation of Disability (PDF)
  3. Meet with Disability Services staff to develop accommodations plan.
  4. Introduce yourself to your instructor, deliver the Disability Accommodation Notification Form, and discuss your accommodation needs the first week of classes.

Rights and responsibilities

In accordance with the Americans w/Disabilities Act of 1990, Amendment Acts of 2008 and 2016, and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, students with disabilities and Black Hawk College share the following rights and responsibilities:

Students who attend Black Hawk College have the right to:

  • Equal access to all educational opportunities offered at BHC. This includes services, programs, courses, activities, jobs, and facilities;
  • Equal opportunity to learn and receive reasonable accommodations and services;
  • Confidentiality of all disability documentation as well as the right to decide which parties outside BHC may receive this information, whenever appropriate; and
  •  Information about services, programs and /or resources available in accessible formats (print, large print, audio, Interpreter, etc.).

Students who attend Black Hawk College have the responsibility to:

  • Meet qualification criteria and maintain essential institutional conduct for services, programs, courses, activities, jobs and facilities;
  • Provide required and sufficient documentation of disability from an appropriate professional and demonstrates how the disability is limiting in the participation of services, programs, courses, activities, jobs and facilities;
  • Identify as a person with a disability when accommodation is needed and seek information, academic/personal counseling and assistance when needed; and
  • Follow the appropriate procedures for obtaining reasonable accommodations and other services, such as providing the accommodation form from to your instructor, as well as accessing tutoring services.
  • Take an active role in making accommodations work (give it your best shot) and in resolving concerns with appropriate professionals.
  • Become familiar with all policies and responsibilities outlined in the Disability Services Manual.