Become a Veterinary Assistant

Veterinary Assisting Certificate

Program Description

The Veterinary Assisting Certificate program is a one-year program that prepares students to become a member of the veterinary health care team, who aids the veterinarian and veterinary technician perform daily tasks. Veterinary assistants are employed primarily in veterinary clinics and hospitals and may perform the following duties:

  • Kennel work
  • Assisting with the handling of animals
  • Feeding and exercising animals
  • Cleaning and setting up equipment
  • Clerical work

Admission Requirements:

  1. High school graduation or equivalent.

Students who complete this program will be able to:

  • Demonstrate proficiency in essential skills required during practical labs, exams, and clinical/field work experiences.

Gainful Employment

Gainful employment is one important measure that students and parents should pay attention to as they examine colleges and programs. All non-degree programs must be designed to lead to gainful employment in a recognized occupation in order to be deemed eligible for federal student aid. These programs are generally less than two years in length and result in a certificate.

Veterinary Assisting Certificate

Suggested Courses

Course Credit Hours

Fall Semester

BIOL 150 Medical Terminology 3
VT 100 Intro to Veterinary Technology (online) 2
VA 147 Vet Clinical I 4
BIOL 100 Introduction to Biology 4


HIM 251 Medical Office Procedures 3

Spring Semester

VT 102 Interpersonal Communication 3
VT 160 Vet Tech Pharmacology 3
VT 203 Vet Ethics and Critical Thinking (online) 2
VA 247 Vet Clinical II 4

Summer Semester

VA 261 Seminar 1
VA 265 Internship 3

Minimum total hours required for degree: 32