Team Leader Certificate

Program Description

Students who enroll in the Team Leader Certificate program will pursue a three-semester course of study designed to provide in-depth understanding of business topics, including human resource management and human resource relations. These courses are designed to develop the interpersonal skills needed to lead and manage an effective team. This certificate helps provide a foundation toward the completion of the Business degree.

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Suggested Courses

Course (Credit Hours):

First Semester

BUSN 110 Intro to Business (3)
1BUSN 160 Business Math I (3)
CS 100 Introduction to Computers (3)
BUSN 116  Business Relations (3)

Second Semester

BUSN 266 Business Policy and Ethics (3)
BUSN 243 Developing Team Skills (3)
BUSN 250 Human Resource Management or
BUSN 251 Organizational Behavior (3)
2BE 180 Business Communications (4)
ECON 221    Principles of Macro Economics (3)

Third Semester

ACCT 170 Accounting Basics – Career I (3)
ACCT 171 Accounting Basics I – Lab (1)
BUSN 230    Principles of Marketing (3)
BUSN 240 Principles of Management or
BUSN 242 Principles of Supervision (3)
BL 201 Business Law I (3)

Students enrolling in BUSN 160 must have an appropriate placement score (see course description).

2Student enrolling in BE 180 must have an appropriate placement score or have taken COMM 105 as a prerequisite.

Minimum total hours required for degree: 40