Summer Camps

Program Description

Four fun camps to choose from based on the subject: art, language, fashion and engineering/technology.

  • Each camp runs Monday-Thursday 8 a.m. to noon at the Outreach Center with students attending three classes each day.
  • Each class is 1 hour and 15 minutes.
  • Students will enjoy small class sizes.
  • A great way to spend four days on a subject that they enjoy!
  • Cost is $95 per camp.
  • Questions? Please call 309-796-8223.

For marketing purposes, Black Hawk College will be taking pictures of the students in the summer youth classes. If you would prefer that your child’s picture not be used in any publicity for the PaCE Department or for Black Hawk College, please notify us at

Language Camp

Check back Summer 2018 for class times.

American Sign Language (ASL)
Learn how to sign with your hands, facial expressions and the posture of your body. This class will teach you some basic words so that you can communicate with your instructor and your classmates. Increase your understanding of how to communicate with the deaf and the hard of hearing.

Bonjour! Take an imaginary trip to France during the summer! Have you heard of the Eiffel Tower? Did you know that crepe is French for pancake? Discover places to visit, things to do, French culture, food, basic conversation and much more.

Hola amigos, come join the summer fiesta! Learn Spanish the fun way with songs, games, puzzles and movies! An assignment where you order food in Spanish and a scavenger hunt for a prize! Who’s interested in learning common greetings, numbers, colors, foods plus many more everyday words? If you ever wanted to learn to speak Spanish, this is the class for you! See you this summer. Hasta luego amigos!!!!

Fashion Camp

Check back Summer 2018 for class times.

Fashion Campers posing togetherDIY Fashion
Take charge of your personal style! Learn fun and simple ways to add originality and pizzazz to your wardrobe from head to toe. You will learn how to create new accessories including bracelets, embellished flip-flops, headbands and totes. You will need to bring an old T-shirt to class the first day (adult size preferred, any color – as long as it’s a T-shirt you no longer need). These do-it-yourself fashions will make your wardrobe look fresh and leave you with the enthusiasm to create even more after the class.

Modeling/Skin Care/Etiquette
Step up and strut your stuff as you discover how to polish and fine tune your smile, learning how to make your inner beauty shine. Learn how to properly take care of your skin, sun safety and the benefits of healthy eating. Manners, etiquette and respect will be reviewed. Hold your head high and carry yourself with pride as you showcase your favorite outfits. Self-acceptance, positive thinking and increased self-confidence are cornerstones to the class experience.

Yesterday & Today in Fashion
Who was the first fashion designer? When did women stop wearing dresses with long trains? Who created jeans? How do actresses and actors influence the fashion industry? How did Nike become so popular? Discover the fashion of different eras including the 50s, 60s, and 70s.

Engineering/ Technology Camp 

Check back Summer 2018 for class times.

Explore Engineering
Boats to buildings to bridges. Have you ever wondered what it takes to create these amazing structures? In this fun hands-on class, you will learn the design process that goes into such projects and create your own!

Intro to Robotics
This class is a beginning introduction to robots, sensors and programming using NXT Lego Robotics System. You will use a basic model robot to attach touch, light, sound and ultrasonic sensors. Working in pairs, you will learn to program the NXT robot using the sensors to complete mini challenges. Teamwork is an essential 21st century skill and the foundation of many robotic competitions.

Coding for Kids
Computer science and computer programming help nurture your problem-solving skills, logic and creativity. This fun, interactive class will teach you the concepts of computer logic, coding, and programming. By being exposed to and familiarizing you to coding early, you will have a foundation for success in any future career path.

Art Camp

Check back Summer 2018 for class times.

Watercolor Painting
Explore the wonderful world of watercolor painting beginning with sketching. From there, you will learn how to use different brush strokes to create different effects in your painting. No experience necessary! You will learn to create personal works of art in this fun class!

Recycled Art
Discover your creative side making projects that use everyday materials. You will make a chandelier out of water bottles, animals from everyday materials, and an art piece that can be used as a decoration in your home. Students should bring an empty water bottle to the first class.

American Cartooning
Starting with two simple shapes, you can create your own cartoon character. Two more simple shapes and you have added a body. Learn how to have your characters show emotion. You will be surprised at how fast and simple it is to draw your cartoon characters. Follow along and draw with the instructor while she talks and illustrates on the whiteboard.

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