Summer Camps

Program Description

Youth Camp, June 17-20, 2019
Camp for students who will be entering 3rd-5th grades.

  • Seven fun interactive sessions to choose from in language, fashion, engineering, technology and art.
  • Once you register a class selection sheet will be mailed to you for you to number your top selections, with #1 being your 1st choice and #7 being your last choice. Every effort will be made to enroll you in your choices.
  • Students will attend the same three consecutive classes during the four days
  • Each class is 1 hour and 15 minutes.
  • Students will enjoy a small class size.
  • Questions? Please call 309-796-8223.
  • A schedule will be mailed at the end of May.

Last day to receive a refund/register: June 10

Mon. – Thurs.     June 17 – June 20         12:30 – 4:30 p.m.
CRN 50242         Outreach Center          Fee $95

For All Youth Camps and Classes
For marketing purposes, Black Hawk College will be taking pictures of the students in the summer youth/camp classes. If you would prefer that your child’s picture not be used in any publicity for the PaCE Department or for Black Hawk College, please notify us at

Intro to Robotics

This class is a beginning introduction to robots, sensors and programming using NXT Lego Robotics System. You will use a basic model robot to attach touch, light, sound and ultrasonic sensors. Working in pairs, you will learn to program the NXT robot using the sensors to complete mini challenges. Teamwork is an essential skill and the foundation of many robotic competitions.

Drawing Animals and Faces

Draw a self-portrait/portrait or image of your favorite animal/pet. You will learn how to focus on facial features, head shape and light to create works of art.

Recycled Art
Discover your creative side making projects that use everyday materials. You will make a chandelier out of water bottles, animals from everyday materials, and an art piece that can be used as a decoration in your home. Students should bring an empty water bottle to the first class.

Engineering Camp at college for kids 2017Explore Engineering

Boats to buildings to bridges. Have you ever wondered what it takes to create these amazing structures? In this fun hands-on class, you will learn the design process that goes into such projects and create your own!

Fashion Campers posing togetherDIY Fashion

Learn creative and simple ways to add originality and pizzazz to your wardrobe from head to toe. You will create new accessories and make a bag to take them home in. You will need to bring an old T-shirt to class the first day. Adult size preferred, any color – as long as it’s a T-shirt you no longer need. These do-it-yourself fashions will make your wardrobe look fresh and leave you with the enthusiasm to create even more after the class.

No Bake No Problem

Learn about ingredients, proper food handling, healthy choices, how to prepare foods and how to make easy meals without an oven. In this hands-on class you will have a chance to create, taste and take recipes home with you!

Gaming Camp computer lab Coding for Kids

Computer science and computer programming help nurture your problem-solving skills, logic and creativity. This fun, interactive class will teach you the concepts of computer logic, coding, and programming. By being exposed to and familiarizing you to coding, you will have a foundation for success in any future career path.