Small Business Management Certificate

Program Description

Effective Aug 1, 2020:

Small businesses represent the majority of businesses in the United States. This curriculum provides students with the skills and core competencies necessary to successfully start, own, and maintain a small business or franchise. These courses are quite appropriate for those seeking new skills for a career change.

Students complete courses in computerized accounting, business communications, and a simulation to nurture small business management skills. Students learn how to start a new small business, compose a business plan, compile financial statements, and evaluate a small business analyzing its financial statements. Students develop long-term strategies to ensure a small business or franchise is an enriching experience and a rewarding career.

All courses in this curriculum are available online through Black Hawk College.

NOTE: This program is not financial aid eligible.

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Suggested Courses

Course (Credit Hours):

First Semester

ACCT 170 Accounting Basics – Career I- Fall only (3)
ACCT 171 Accounting Basics I – Lab – Fall only (1)
BUSN 110 Introduction to Business (3)
BUSN 116 Business Relations (3)
1BUSN 160 Business Math I (3)
BUSN 230 Principles of Marketing (3)

Second Semester

BUSN 118 Small Business Simulations (3)
BUSN 121 Small Business Mgmt (3)
BUSN 242 Principles of Supervision or
BUSN 243 Developing Team Skills (3)
2BE 180 Business Communications (4) (3)
CS 100 Introduction to Computers (3)

1 Students enrolling in BUSN 160 must have an appropriate placement score (see course description).
2Students enrolling in BE 180 must have an appropriate placement score or have taken COMM 105 as a prerequisite.

Minimum total hours required for degree: 31