Radiologic Technology (AAS)

Program Description

Black Hawk College offers an Associate in Applied Science degree completion program to persons completing an approved Radiologic Sciences program of study. A wide variety of opportunities exists for persons entering the medical imaging profession including general and specialized medical imaging, management, education and sales.

Enrollment in this program is limited and specific requirements must be met. Students are admitted based upon date of application and completion of prerequisite courses. Contact the Trinity Medical Center’s School of Radiography early to facilitate planning.

NOTE: This AAS program is not financial aid eligible at Black Hawk College.

The following college courses are highly recommended for completion prior to enrollment: BIOL 145, 146, 150.

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Suggested Courses

Course (Credit Hours):

General Education Courses

ENG 101 Composition I (3)
MATH 110 Math for General Education (3)
PSYC 101 Introduction to Psychology (3)
SPEC 101 Principles of Speech Communica or
SPEC 114 Interpersonal Communication or
SPEC 175 Intercultural Communication (3)
Humanities Elective (3)

Technical Core Courses

Radiologic Technology (35-53)

Required Courses

BIOL 145 Anatomy-Physiology I (4)
BIOL 146 Anatomy-Physiology II (4)


* Or comparable general education MATH course.

As indicated in the Trinity Radiography Curriculum Plan, BIOL 145 and 146 may be taken concurrently in the fall and spring semesters of Year One. However, it is strongly recommended that BIOL 145 and 146 are taken prior to the core radiography courses at Trinity.

BIOL 145 and 146 are prerequisites to Year Two.

The General Education Requirements for the AAS listed above may be completed before, during, or after the Radiography Curriculum courses taken at Trinity. Currently, the AAS degree is strongly recommended but remains an optional choice for the student. A total of 20% of the AAS credits (15 credits) must be completed at Black Hawk College to earn the AAS degree, therefore a student may be required to take additional course(s).

Technical Core Courses Credit Hours
Optional Associate in Applied Science degree (65)
awarded by Black Hawk College

Minimum total hours required for degree: 65