PC Application Programmer Certificate - Black Hawk College

PC Application Programmer Certificate

Program Description

This certificate is offered at the Quad Cities Campus.

Course offerings in this certificate are designed to have the fundamentals of programming through the creation of programs written in high-level programming languages. Black Hawk College’s PC Application Programmer Certificate provides students with the ability to develop, test, implement, and document customized desktop applications. Students will create object-oriented and event-driven programs using the C# programming language and will learn how to create Excel and Access files and a Microsoft SQL Server database. In the last semester, students will work on developing a system project as part of a team.

Students enrolling in this program to continue their education, may do so with the Computer Information Technology Application Developer Track AAS.

Graduates of the program will find employment in PC programming in a business environment. The student will be prepared for an entry-level programming position.

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Suggested Courses

Course (Credit Hours):

First Semester

BE 264 Microsoft Access (3)
CIP 190 Team MS Office/SharePoint (3)
CS 105 Computer Science Principles (3)

Second Semester

CIP 201 Microsoft Project (1)
CS 101 Intro to Structured Programming (3)
CS 227 Database Management Systems (3)

Third Semester

BE 146 Microsoft Excel (3)
CIP 214 C# Programming (4)

Fourth Semester

CIP 217 Advanced C# Programming (4)
CIP 260 Systems Design and Development (3)

Minimum total hours required for degree: 30