Mental/Behavioral Health Aide

Program Description

Mental/Behavioral Health Aide + Managing Medications
Instructor: L. Logan-Thomas, MS, BSN, RN

Job growth expected to be 6% through 2026.

This course is open to anyone seeking an entry-level positon in the mental health field and will focus on improving recognition of mental illness and reducing the stigma surrounding it. Basic skills to assist someone who is developing or experiencing a mental health issue will be covered. Learn about the strategies applied in the mental health field that include understanding mental disorders, addictive behaviors, therapeutic communication, interpersonal communication skills, confidentiality, personal and social boundaries, HIPPA laws, infection control, and preparing for employment.

This class also will cover the appropriate procedures for handling patient medications. It is designed to prepare the participant to safely administer or supervise self-administration of non-parenteral medications. Emphasis is placed on safely administering medications or supervising self-administration from a prescription bottle and observing for obvious reactions to medications.

10 Thursdays         Feb. 21 – Apr. 25          5:30 – 8:00 p.m.
CRN 11179           Bldg. 2 – Rm. 115*        Tuition Fee $375

*Distance learning class option available for students able to attend at BHC East Campus in Galva, IL. Contact Christi Monson, Program Coordinator at 309-796-8225 for information.

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