Lifelong Learners Program

Program Description

Enjoy our classes that are designed for anyone 55 years or better, but all adult learners are welcome.

Lifelong learner Fall 2018 Schedule CoverThe Lifelong Learner Lunches are offered during the day at various venues in the Quad-Cities area. Our guest speakers focus on topics of local interest.

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Lifelong Learners Fall 2018 Catalog
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Lifelong Learner Classes

Are you thinking about getting a computer or need to brush up on your Windows skills? Take a look at our computer classes, several which are specifically designed for our Lifelong Learners program. Have you always wanted to learn how to draw or paint or do your skills need some fine-tuning? Then click the button below to read more about the arts and craft class offerings!


  • Getting Started with Your Computer Workshop
  • Windows for Beginners Workshop
  • Organizing Your Files and Folders
  • Cleaning Up Your Computer
  • Moving to Windows 10
  • Facebook Workshop
  • Emailing Workshop
  • Pinterest Workshop
  • Word 101 Workshop
  • Excel 101 Workshop
  • Digital Photos Workshop
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Arts & Crafts

  • Techniques and Tips in Watercolor for Beginners
  • Watercolor Painting – Reflections, Shadows, Puddles and Other Techniques
  • Paint Your Home, Barn or Favorite Building in Watercolor
  • Basics of Drawing for Beginners
  • Drawing Animals
  • Drawing the Face – Creating Self-Portraits/Portraits
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Fall Seminars

The Quad Cities and World War II
Presenter: Dr. Art Pitz

Pre-War Quad Cities
Look around and you’ll find lasting legacies of The New Deal here in the Quad Cities. Both the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) and the WPA (Works Progress Administration) built structures that still are used today. Could you name them? The federally funded Public Works of Art Project left its imprint along with the later Federal Art Project. What was left? Public housing?

1 Wednesday         Oct. 3                               10:00 a.m. – noon
CRN 81356           Outreach – Rm. 407           Fee $10

The Quad Cities During the War
Think of Rosie the Riveter and then think of her working at the Rock Island Arsenal. Imagine having to use food stamps, saving newspapers, using gasoline only according to your needs, and practicing civil defense measures such as blackouts. Did you know of the POWs at Arsenal Island? Why did the Tri Cities come to be called the Quad Cities?

1 Wednesday         Oct. 10                             10:00 a.m. – noon
CRN 81357           Outreach – Rm. 407           Fee $10

Post-War Quad Cities
What impact did local TV have on the Quad Cities? The GI Bill? How were post-war housing shortages met? And then, what led to the advent of the local Civil Rights movement and what was its impact on the Quad Cities? And, of course, Elvis — last seen in his white jump suit at NorthPark Mall.

1 Wednesday         Oct. 17                             10:00 a.m. – noon
CRN 81358           Outreach – Rm. 407           Fee $10

Theodore Roosevelt
Instructor: Dr. Art Pitz

In 1901, after the assassination of President McKinley, Theodore Roosevelt was sworn into the office of president at the age of 42. Having been recognized as a legitimate war hero, served as a New York City police commissioner, governor and vice president, he had many professional accomplishments. Join us as we discuss his fascinating life including his legacy of the National Parks and how he inspired the teddy bear.

1 Wednesday         Jan. 30                             10:00 a.m. – noon
CRN 11026           Outreach – Rm. 407          Fee $10
(Registration for this program begins Tuesday, Nov. 6)

Lifelong Learner Lunches –

The Spanish Influenza of 1918 and the Impact on the Tri Cities
Presenter: Dr. Maryan Wherry

The 1918 flu pandemic also known as the Spanish flu was one of the deadliest natural disasters in human history and is the flu all other influenza pandemics are measured against. In the U.S. alone, approximately 675,000 people died, almost half of those infected were younger adults. This had a dramatic impact on communities as schools, churches, businesses and public venues had to close their doors in an effort to stop the spread of the virus.  Join us as we learn about the local impact of this deadly pandemic.

Date:                   Wednesday, Sept. 12
Location:            Quad City Botanical Center, 2525 4th Ave., Rock Island, IL
Lunch:                 11:30 a.m.
Presentation:     12:15 p.m.
Fee:                      $23 (fee includes admission to the Botanical Center)
CRN:                    81359
Last day to register or receive a refund: Wednesday, Sept. 5

Country School: One Room – One Nation
Presenter: Kelly Rundle, Documentarian and Filmmaker of 4th Wall Films

Join us as documentarian and filmmaker Kelly Rundle discusses and shows us through parts of his film a never-before-seen perspective on one-room schools in the Upper Midwest. From the very first schools in new states to the demise of their widespread use in the 1950s and 1960s, Country School: One Room – One Nation will take you “back to school” for a dramatic new look at the lasting impact of America’s one-room schools.

Date:                    Thursday, Oct. 11
Location:             Quad City Botanical Center, 2525 4th Ave., Rock Island, IL
Lunch:                  11:30 a.m.
Presentation:     12:15 p.m.
Fee:                      $23 (fee includes admission to the Botanical Center)
CRN:                    81360
Last day to register or receive a refund: Thursday, Oct. 4

Hanukkah, Ramadan and Christmas
Presenter: Rabbi Henry Jay Karp, Imam Saad Baig and Rev. Fr. Thomas Alatzakis

Join us at the beautiful Assumption Greek Orthodox Church for an informative presentation on holidays in three distinctively different yet similar religions. Have you wanted to learn more about the High Holidays, what role fasting plays in these holy days or why certain days are chosen for celebration? Join us as we learn about Hanukkah, Ramadan and Christmas from Rabbi Karp, Imam Saad and Rev. Fr. Alatzakis.

Date:                  Monday, Nov. 5
Location:           Assumption Greek Orthodox Church, 4900 Kennedy Drive, East Moline, IL 61244
Lunch:                 11:30 a.m.
Presentation:    12:15 p.m.
Fee:                     $23
CRN:                   81361
Last day to register or receive a refund: Monday, Oct. 29

Sounds of the Season
Presenter: Davenport Central High School Choir

Our ever popular traditional holiday event returns again to kick off the season. Join us at the beautifully decorated Quad City Botanical Center to hear an engaging live performance of holiday music by the Davenport Central High School carolers. Don’t miss this opportunity to continue this popular tradition. Seasonal door prizes will be given away.

Date:                    Friday, Dec. 7
Location:             Quad City Botanical Center, 2525 4th Ave., Rock Island, IL
Lunch:                  11:30 a.m.
Presentation:     12:15 p.m.
Fee:                      $23
CRN:                    81362
Last day to register or receive a refund:  Thursday, Nov. 29