Flying Above the Clouds

Program Description

Life is a series of highs and lows and how you choose to handle it, is up to you. This session helps people recognize how they choose to respond to various situations, whether they are in our control or not. Attendees learn how to make the choice to fly high and work to achieve a clear vision of the future, which allows them to take responsibility for their actions and to focus on what really matters. It’s easy to blame others and make excuses. But choosing to Fly Above the Clouds will create a better work and home environment. This session will focus on:

  • Impact of our attitude and behaviors on those around us
  • How to hold ourselves and others accountable
  • How to apply this model when developing/coaching others
  • How to use this model to move from problem-focused to solution-focused
  • The importance of the choices we make everyday

Tuition: $295

Registration: Contact Julie Gelaude 309-796-5715