Equestrian Science (AAS)

Program Description

Students completing the Equestrian Science Program will find many career opportunities in all phases of the horse industry. Some of the specific jobs available to equine students are stewards, riding instructors, trainers, horse show judges and show personnel.

The Equestrian Science Program offers classroom study and laboratory exercises coupled with supervised on-the-job experience to prepare students for employment or for transfer to a four-year school in order to pursue a bachelor’s degree related to horsemanship.

Special program features include: hands-on training of horses on campus each semester; general education courses which will easily transfer to four-year schools; elective courses to expand an individual’s area of interest and knowledge; supervised on-the-job experience; and an opportunity to participate in horse judging and evaluation.

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Suggested Courses

Course (Credit Hours):

First Semester

AG 125 Computers in Agriculture (1)
AG 285 Animal Science or
AG 141 Animal Science (4)
EQ 101 Introductory Equine Seminar (1)
EQ 151 Horse Production & Management (4)
EQ 158 Horse Evaluation I (1)
EQ 161 Western Horsemanship (4)
HEAL 200 First Aid (1)
Communications Elective (3)

Second Semester

EQ 102 Horse Science Work Exper Semin (1)
EQ 109 Equine Work Experience (5)
EQ 154 Horse Equipment & Facilities (3)
EQ 159 Horse Evaluation II (1)
EQ 167 Colt Training or
EQ 268 Intermed Horse Train & Develop (3)
Mathematics Elective (3)
EQ/AG Electives (2)

Third Semester

AG 142 Animal Nutrition (3)
EQ 262 English Equitation or
EQ 261 Western Horsemanship II (4)
EQ 263 Methods Teaching Horsemanship (2)
EQ 267 Farrier Science (2)
AG 281 Agricultural Economics (4)
AG 121 Introduction to Ag Economics (3)
*EQ/AG Electives (3-4)

Fourth Semester

AG 211 Ag Salesmanship (3)
AG 225 Computer Applications in Agri or
AG 289 Microcomputer Skills for Agri or
CS 100 Intro to Computers (3)
EQ 264 Show Horse Training or
EQ 269 Performance Horse Training (4)
EQ 266 Horse Show Prep & Management (2)
*EQ/AG Electives (3)


* A minimum of seven or eight elective hours (depending upon whether AG 121 or AG 281 is taken during the third semester) are required in the Equestrian Science Technology program. Suggested electives include: EQ 253 or EQ 258; (Spring Semester) AG 122, AG 222, AG 232, EQ 120, EQ 152, EQ 220, EQ 254, EQ 259, or EQ 265.

Minimum total hours required for degree: 70