CNC Production

Program Description


Do you want to expand your shop floor experience and be more versatile to an employer?  This is a challenging 64-hour hands-on training program for individuals desiring entry to the world of CNC operation.  Upon successful completion of curriculum, participants will be ready for on the job (OJT) as entry level Production CNC

Machine Operators.  Shop safety and quality principles are given special emphasis throughout the curriculum.  The focus on the program is on practical application – all examples and exercises are based on operations typically encountered on the job.


Topics include:

  • Production Math
  • Print Reading
  • Production Measurement Tools
  • CNC Tooling
  • CNC Machine Operation


Attendees:  Individuals who have shop floor experience but have little or no experience operating CNC machines seeking to gain entry into the workforce of CNC operations


Instructor: G. Criswell

CRN # 10839    Tues and Thurs 5:00pm – 9:00pm

January 21, 2019 to March 12, 2019

Location:  Q2-108  

Cost:  $800 includes materials