CNC Manufacturing Certificate

Program Description

Graduates of the CNC Manufacturing certificates will be equipped with industry knowledge and skills to work as entry level CNC Machinists and Operators. CNC Machinists and Operators setup and operate a variety of computer-controlled or mechanically-controlled machine tools to produce precision parts, instruments, and tools. They work in machine shops, tool rooms, and on factory floors.

The program is divided into two separate certificates: Intro to CNC Manufacturing and CNC Manufacturing in order to allow flexibility for employment opportunities.

Completion of the Intro to CNC Manufacturing certificate is a prerequisite for CNC Manufacturing certificate, and students are strongly encouraged to complete both certificates.

CNC Manufacturing is also part of the Accelerating Opportunity I-CAPS initiative targeted for students who also participate in an additional required support class.

Accelerating Opportunity I-CAPS Contact Person(s): Special Populations Coordinator, Jennifer Holldorf, 309-796-5133, Rm. 1-371.

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Suggested Courses

Course (Credit Hours):

Spring Semester

ENGT 190 Engineering Tech Practicum (2)
ENGT 231 Lathe Operations – 1st 8 weeks (3)
ENGT 232 Milling Operations – 2nd 8 weeks (3)
ENGT 236 Intermediate CNC – 1st 8 weeks (3)
ENGT 286 Advance CNC with CAM (3)

Minimum total hours required for degree: 29