Blueprint Reading

Program Description

Blueprint Reading for Construction (24 Hours)

This short-term class will provide the foundational knowledge and basic elements of reading construction blueprints. Upon successful completion, you will be able to have introductory knowledge of blueprints as it relates to the construction industry.

You will be introduced to reading a floor plan and architectural drawings, become familiar with a glossary of blueprint terms and reference symbols as well as make basic math calculations. You will learn about lines such as object, hidden, center, phantom, dimension, extension, leaders, break, section and cutting planes. You will also become familiar with symbols and terminology such as title block, dimension types, tolerance box, bill of materials, etc. In addition, you will become familiar with the visualization of a print such as orthographical, view, first angle and third view projection as well as, principal, sectional, auxiliary and multi views.

This program includes both classroom and hands on training with blueprints.

Tuition: $299

Registration: Contact Julie Gelaude 309-796-5715