Automotive Repair Certificate

Program Description

The Automotive Repair Certificate program provides practical knowledge of the component parts and the fundamentals of operation of the automobile as well as diagnostic and repair procedures. Classroom and laboratory instruction is provided. Students completing the certificate may be employed as brake specialists, wheel alignment and suspension specialists, air conditioning specialists, transmission specialists, or automotive repair specialists in automotive repair businesses and automotive dealerships. The Automotive Repair Certificate differs from the Automotive Repair Technology degree in that it is comprised of only auto and mechanics courses and may be completed in one year.

Enrollment in the Automotive Repair program is limited. Students are required to provide their own basic set of tools. Information on admission requirements and required tools may be secured from one of the contact persons or the Enrollment Services Office.

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Suggested Courses

Course (Credit Hours):

First Semester

AUTO 107 Engine Performance I (4)
MECH 102 Brake and Hydraulic Systems (4)
MECH 103 Electrical Systems I (4)
MECH 111 Engine Repair I (4)

Second Semester

AUTO 115 Wheel Alignment & Suspension (4)
MECH 104 Electrical Systems II (3)
MECH 108 Hydraulic Transmissions (3)
MECH 109 Power Trains (3)
MECH 211 Engine Repair II (4)

Summer Semester

AUTO 207 Engine Performance II (3)
MECH 105 Fuel Control Systems (4)
MECH 112 Air Conditioning (3)

Minimum total hours required for degree: 43