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The Human Body

Program Description

In-person vs. virtual classroom vs. online?

  • An in-person class provides the traditional on-site instruction.
  • A virtual classroom provides real-time, online instruction. A student is responsible for the technology needed to attend the class.


The Human Body 1

Instructor: K. Keesecker, B.S., CMA, FEMA CERC

Whether you’re already in an allied health occupation or thinking of furthering your education, The Human Body 1 will become the infrastructure in which you develop an understanding of the body. The course will focus on building this understanding one human body system at a time. We will begin with basic organization of the human body, the chemistry of life and tissue types then move on to comprehensive lessons covering things such as the musculoskeletal, nervous, integumentary and endocrine systems.

While there is no prerequisite required for this class, being familiar with some medical terminology is recommended. In order to form a more comprehensive understanding regarding anatomy and physiology (the body’s structures and functions), completion of The Human Body 2 is recommended following this course. Before the first class, purchase required textbook at

4 Tues./4 Thurs.  July 27 – Aug. 19       5:30 – 8:30 p.m.

Virtual classroom CRN 80630                         Tuition Fee $295