Agriculture Production Technology (AAS)

Program Description

Students interested in agriculture production with emphasis on crops and/or livestock should consider the Agriculture Production Technology curriculum. Graduates of this program may become employed as farm operators or assistant managers, herdsmen, swine specialists, equipment operators or general farmhands.

Classroom study and laboratory exercises coupled with supervised on-the-job work-experience to prepare students for gainful employment in agriculture.

Special program features include: instructors with practical expertise in their areas of specialization; supervised on-the-job experience during both first and second years of the program; minimum of 11 elective hours of coursework, allowing students to specialize in their areas of interest; practical two-week summer session; 10-week fourth semester enabling students to begin full-time employment on or about April 1; majority of courses are in agriculture or are agriculture-related.

Students who complete this program will be able to:

  • Demonstrate proficiency in agricultural topics including agricultural economics, animal science, and crops and soils.
  • Expand and update precision technology as it applies to Crop Protection Technology, Agriculture Production, and Agribusiness Management Programs.
  • Expand industry partnerships that provide opportunities for students to gain work experience in the agricultural production and agricultural business.

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Suggested Courses

Course (Credit Hours):

First Semester

AG 101 Introductory Ag Seminar (1)
AG 121 Introduction to Ag Economics (3)
AG 131 Soils and Soil Fertility (4)
AG 141 Animal Science (4)
AG 125 Computers in Agriculture (1)
* AG Electives (1)
Communications Elective (3)

Second Semester

AG 102 Ag Work Experience Seminar (1)
AG 108 Agri Prod Work Exp (7)
AG 122 Intro to Agriculture Mngt (4)
AG 132 Field Crop Science 1 (1.5)
AG 135 Integrated Pest Management 1 (1.5)
AG 171 Materials Handling Equipment (2)
* AG Electives (1)
Mathematics Elective (3)

Summer Semester

AG 133 Field Crop Science 2 (2)
AG 136 Integrated Pest Management 2 (1)

Third Semester

AG 201 Adv Ag Work Experience Seminar (1)
AG 208 Adv. Ag Production Work Exp. (5)
AG 275 Field Machinery Operations I (3)
AG 134 Field Crop Science 3 (0.5)
AG 137 Integrated Pest Management 3 (0.5)
AG 225 Computer Applications in Agri (3)
* AG Electives (2)

Fourth Semester

AG 202 Advanced Ag Seminar (1)
AG 222 Advanced Agriculture Mngt (4)
AG 223 Agriculture Marketing (3)
* Ag Electives (7)

* A minimum of 11 elective hours are required in the Agriculture Production Technology Program. Suggested electives include: (Fall Semester) AG 138, 142, 148, 238, 244, 248, and 272; (Spring Semester) AG 147, 149, 214, 232, 241, 242, 245, 246, 247, 249 ad 276.


Minimum total hours required for degree: 71