Agriculture Mechanics Technology (AAS)

Program Description

The Agriculture Mechanics Technology degree program provides a proper balance of theory and practical application for students preparing for careers in the agricultural machinery and equipment industry. Graduates of the program may become employed as mechanics, machinery and equipment technicians, parts specialists, machinery and equipment sales persons, or service managers in agricultural implement dealerships and agricultural equipment repair businesses.

The curriculum emphasizes laboratory diagnostic procedures in the areas of diesel and gasoline engines; electrical systems, including computerized control systems and electronic fuel control systems; transmissions and power trains; and hydraulic systems. Additional experience will be provided to students in the area of machinery operation and management. Students are placed in agricultural implement dealerships and agricultural equipment repair businesses for an eight-week internship. Through the internship, students gain valuable on-the-job experience as they apply what they have learned in class.

Enrollment in the Agriculture Mechanics Technology degree program is limited. Students are required to provide their own basic set of tools. Information on admission requirements, required tools, and scholarship opportunities by emailing

Students who complete this program will be able to:

  • Expand industry partnerships that provide opportunities for students to gain work experience in the agricultural production and agricultural business.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in agricultural topics included agricultural economics, animal science and crops and soils.
  • Expand and update precision technology as it applies to Crop Protection Technology, Agriculture Production, and Agribusiness Management Programs.

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Suggested Courses

Course (Credit Hours):

Fall Semester

AG 275 Field Machinery Operations I – 3
MECH 102 Brake and Hydraulic Systems – 4
MECH 103 Electrical Systems I – 4
MECH 111 Engine Repair I – 4

Spring Semester

AG 276 Field Machinery Operations II3
MECH 203 Electrical Systems II3
MECH 108 Hydraulic Transmissions3
MECH 109 Power Trains3
MECH 211 Engine Repair II3

Summer Semester

AG 273 Lawn & Garden Equipment Repair4
MECH 105 Fuel Control Systems4
MECH 112 Mobile HVAC2
MECH 290 Work Exp Internship Seminar1

Fall Semester

CS 100 Introduction to Computers3
COMM 100 Communication Skills3
MATH Elective3
Science Elective3

Spring Semester

BUSN 110 Introduction to Business3
AG or MECH Electives6

Suggested electives: AG 172; MECH 109, 215, 219

Minimum total hours required for degree: 61