Program Description

Acoustics for Commercial
Instructor: R. Vedvik, P.E.

For contractors, builders, architects interested in the rules and guidelines that govern commercial (and residential) construction.

This class will start with a background in acoustic terminology and concepts in relation to International Building Code, ANSI, ASHRAE, LEED and FGI Guidelines. Acoustical applications include how walls and doors mitigate noise transfer for sound isolation and speech privacy, how acoustical treatments mitigate reverberation (echo) for improved occupant comfort, and how to mitigate noise from mechanical equipment. This class will include demonstrations and lessons in taking noise measurements using a variety of tools, including smartphones. Certification of completion available.

6 Tuesdays           Sept. 11 – Oct. 16        6:00 – 7:30 p.m.
CRN 81249         Outreach – Rm. 407     Fee $75

Before the first class, purchase required textbook at

Acoustics for Residential
Instructor: R. Vedvik, P.E.

For home owners and people interested in noise control and sound behavior.

Interested in properties of sound, noise control or audio performance? This class will provide a background in acoustics and how sound behaves. Learn how to control noise in your home (such as noise between rooms or spaces that echo) and understand audio-system design and layouts. Learn how to build affordable acoustical panels and how to mitigate noise transfer. Measuring sound will be demonstrated using a variety of tools, including smartphones. Additional acoustics topics will be covered upon request and class consensus.

6 Thursdays         Oct. 11 – Nov. 15         6:00 – 7:30 p.m.
CRN 81250         Outreach – Rm. 406      Fee $75

Before the first class, purchase required textbook at

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