Accounting Clerk Certificate

Program Description

The Accounting Clerk curriculum is offered by the Department of Business and Technology (QC) and the Department of Business and Technology (EC).

This program is designed to prepare the graduate for employment in small to medium-sized businesses, performing jobs ranging from general office duties to basic accounting tasks.

Gainful Employment

Gainful employment is one important measure that students and parents should pay attention to as they examine colleges and programs. All non-degree programs must be designed to lead to gainful employment in a recognized occupation in order to be deemed eligible for federal student aid. These programs are generally less than 2 years in length and result in a certificate.

Accounting Clerk Certificate

Suggested Courses

Course (Credit Hours):

First Semester

ACCT 170    Accounting Basics – Career I (3)
ACCT 171    Accounting Basics I – Lab (1)
BUSN 110    Intro to Business (3)
BUSN 116    Business Relations (3)
BUSN 160    Business Math I (3)
CS 100          Introduction to Computers (3)

Second Semester

BE 146          Microsoft Excel (3)
BE 180          Business Communications (4)
ACCT 121    Accounting with QuickBooks I (2)  
ACCT 123    Accounting with QuickBooks II (2)  
ACCT 180    Accounting Basics – Career II (3)
ACCT 181    Accounting Basics II – Lab (1)
ACCT 290    Payroll Accounting (2)

Minimum total hours required for degree: 33