Douglas L. Strand

Douglas L. Strand head shot
East Moline
Term ends 2025

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Richard P. Fiems

Richard P. Fiems headshot
Port Byron
Term ends 2021

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Ryan White

Ryan White head shot

IT Systems Manager and Co-CIO

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John Meineke

John Meineke head shot

Director of Marketing and Public Relations

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Kathy Malcolm

Kathy Malcolm head shot

Executive Director of Planning and Institutional Effectiveness

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Sandy Cox

Sandy Cox headshot

Manager of Administrative Systems and Co-CIO

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Shawn Cisna

Shawn Cisna head shot

Chief of Police

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Stacey Cary

Stacey Cary head shot

Director of Human Resources

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Dr. Amy Maxeiner

Dr. Amy Maxeiner head shot

Vice President for Instruction and Student Services

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Steve Frommelt

Steve Frommelt head shot

Vice President for Finance and Administration and Board Treasurer

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