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There are many ways to get involved as a leader at Black Hawk College. Finding the right opportunity for you can sometimes be a challenge. These resources are intended to help you explore the many different leadership opportunities available to you as a BHC student.

Student Government Association
The Student Government Association (SGA) is the officially recognized student governance body for Black Hawk College. It is composed of 14 senators, including executive officers, and the opportunity for any Black Hawk College student to be a part of one or more of the three standing committees: Activities, Volunteerism, and Governing, as well as other committees, such as the Inter-Club Council Committee. Senators are appointed by the outgoing Senate once a year through an application and interview process.

Campus Clubs/Organizations
The campus clubs/organizations search can help you find the organization on campus that is perfect for you. You can search by the name of the organization you are looking for or by keywords. If you don’t find it, the Clubs/Organizations page can show you how to create it!

Student Life Leader Program
This selective, volunteer program is an opportunity for you to build your leadership skills, strengthen your résumé and have a wonderful time meeting new students and representing Black Hawk College. Student Life Leaders serve as orientation leaders, activity planners, and representatives of Black Hawk College to the community.

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Students are invited to apply based either on nominations by staff or faculty, or by meeting the eligibility requirements (2.5 GPA and completion of 12 college-level credits).

Student Life Leaders will engage in many activities including (but not limited to):

Welcome Week Orientation Sessions – Student Life Leaders will help facilitate group orientation sessions for new students at the beginning of each semester.
1st week Greeters – Student Life Leaders will help new BHC students find their classes.
On-Campus Events – Student Life Leaders will help with events hosted by the Student Life Office.

Phone Calls- Student Life Leaders will make phone calls to new and prospective students to answer questions, invite students to events, and make appropriate referrals to Student Services staff.

We are looking for students that have the qualities that will make a successful Student Life Leader.

Are you:

• Open, friendly and approachable?
• Interested in meeting new people?
• Enthusiastic?
• An effective communicator?
• Reliable?
• Interested in developing leadership skills?
• Willing to share your positive experiences from Black Hawk College?

Your commitment:
We are looking for a commitment of 40 volunteer hours each semester of the 2015-2016 academic year (may include hours during summer 2015). This commitment includes monthly group meetings (with food supplied). While this is a volunteer opportunity, there will also be a chance to earn points toward special rewards. There will be training involved, but the dates and times are yet to be determined.

Interested in participating? Next steps:

If you are a student interested in being a part of the Student Life Leader Program please fill out the Student Life Leader Program Application by Monday, April 6, 2015. Once we receive your application, we will contact you regarding the possibility of an interview.

If you are a faculty member that would like to nominate a student to participate in the Student Life Leader Program please fill out the Student Life Leader Program Nomination Form for Faculty.

If you are a staff member that would like to nominate a student to participate in the Student Life Leader Program please fill out the Student Life Leader Program Nomination Form for Staff.

Tiffany Hamilton
Phone: 309-796-5467
E-mail: hamiltont@bhc.edu

Student Trustee
Illinois Community College District 525 is one of 39 community college districts governed by the Illinois Community College Board (ICCB) under the Illinois Board of Higher Education (IBHE). The ICCB was created by the General Assembly under the provisions of the Illinois Public Junior College Act of 1965. Its primary responsibilities are to coordinate the educational programs offered through the community college system, to allocate state funding for capital expansion, and to act on curriculum changes proposed by individual community colleges.

BHC is directly governed by a seven-member Board of Trustees, all of whom are elected from within the district for six-year terms. A student representative, elected annually by the student body, is a non-voting member of the Board. The officers of the Board are chairman, vice chairman and secretary, all of whom are elected by their peers for a one-year term.
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Updated 10/24/2016