Starting a New Club at Quad-Cities Campus

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Last updated 01/24/2017

Clubs wanting to be officially recognized by the Student Government Association need to follow a five-step process: 

  1. Identify a minimum of ten (10) current students to organize.
  2. Identify a club advisor.
  3. Submit a signed copy of the Club Constitution.

Once all steps are completed, the Student Government Association Senators will vote on the recognition of your club and the Coordinator of Student Engagement will notify the ten (10) registered members and club advisor with an e-mail acknowledging their official status.

Use our helpful Club Registration Checklist.

Sports Club/Athletic Club
Black Hawk College must comply with the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) regulations. All sports/athletic clubs will need to be approved by the Athletic Department to be an official club.

Release waivers of students participating in a club sport must be submitted to the Coordinator of Student Engagement BEFORE participating in a club sport.

The Advisor
All clubs are required to have an advisor. A club advisor must be a non-student staff or faculty member at Black Hawk College.

Club advisor responsibilities vary with the activity of the club for which the advisor is responsible. The following outline is intended to be a guide to responsibilities of an advisor, but may not be inclusive of those responsibilities which are mutually agreed to by the club and the advisor.

Advisor Role:

  • Responsible for seeing the programs conform to the educational purposes of the college.
  • Attend club functions and programs, as required, to supervise and maintain use of college facilities.
  • Assist club in planning and evaluating efforts to provide meaningful co-curricular opportunities within the club’s purpose.
  • Schedule a meeting with Coordinator of Student Engagement for Advisor Training.

Coordinator of Student Engagement Responsibilities:
Once a club is recognized, the Coordinator of Student Engagement is assigned to help the student group by providing guidance and assistance in the areas of but not limited to:

  • Brainstorming and offering suggestions
  • Events planning, promotion, implementation and evaluation
  • Budgeting and requests for funds