How to Request Club Funds

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Last updated 01/03/2017

Financial Support Resources

Student Club Funding
Officers in clubs applying for SGA funding are required to attend the mandatory workshops and meetings scheduled throughout the school year.

The Student Life Office supports student groups and provides financial assistance based on the policies and procedures of the Student Life Office.

Funding is available only during the academic year from September to April.

Clubs that are inactive for four consecutive semesters will have their funding returned to the SGA general fund. Clubs that reactivate must go through the budget request process to reestablish their budget.

Budget Requests (for special events, activities and purchases)
A budget request is prepared when a student group wants to acquire items for an event/program or enter into a contract for goods or services. Clubs must meet with the Student Life Office prior to submitting the Club Budget Request Form. Once submitted, a committee of students will review the material and, if necessary, hear a presentation regarding the request at a Finance Committee meeting.

The Finance Committee is made up of student representatives from Black Hawk College. They are tasked with reviewing all budget requests and making recommendation to support or not support budget requests to the SGA Senate and the Student Life Office who will make the final decision.

Club Budget Request Form